Last Day of May aka 31st

Norman OK meteorologist
Norman OK meteorologist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is a Friday…last Friday in May 2013. Sounds kind of final.

The storm clouds have gathered over Missouri once again. Predictioners aka weather guesser or meteorologists think we shall receive 3-5 inches of rain in the region between now and Sunday. I want to hop in a time machine and go back and either take the present lotto numbers to my past self or…train to predict the weather for TV. Best job there is. These people are not held to any standards of excellence. If they get the forecast right 2-3 times a week they are rock stars and the rest of the time the punchline to many jokes.

Happy Friday Gol’darn it to heck!

May 23rd… Rio’s Passing


Been awhile since I last blogged. I lost my puppy to a cancerous tumor on May 17th, just got her ashes back last night and broke down when I saw they included a cast of her paw print. Her condition was an ongoing ordeal for the last few months and finally got to the point where I had to do the grown-up thing and keep a loving pet from suffering.

It sucked badly. I felt in light of the silly and business things I tend to write about this was close to my heart and needed to be voiced to help with my grieving process. She was a good dog for 11+ years. Cute little German Shepherd (even if she did tend to eat poop here and there). Sweet lil Rio. You will be sadly missed. 2002-2013.


Such a good doggie
Such a good doggie


5LINX – Pay It Forward


Inland Empire 5LINX
Inland Empire 5LINX (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5LINX – Pay It Forward

The whole premise of the 5LINX opportunity is selling goods and services as an agent for 5LINX from satellite TV to tablet computers to home security systems. Most of these products are very competitively priced within their markets. What makes the system powerful is selling these products and services and receiving residual income (i.e. if a customer signs up for DirecTV you get a monthly residual such as $2 per month of the contract. If you signed up 100 customers – that would be $200 residual income per month without lifting a finger.) The company also rewards you for recruiting new agents to the company. Recruit new agents and meet some minimum sales goals like 10 product points and you can earn hundreds of dollars.

Its not free and its not a get rich quick scheme. You want to add people to your multi-level marketing team (similar to Avon or Pampered Chef if you are familiar with those). If you add people who are excited about the opportunity and are decent sales people (answer a few questions and bring them to the weekly meetings to get the full picture) you will make money. The initial investment is about $350: $250 for essentially your franchise fee, $49.95 for platinum services (your website for customers to come to) and between $25-$35 for GlobaLinx (video phone for your desktop or laptop or tablet computer) which is the company’s flagship product – great for people with loved ones in the military and are spread around the globe – very similar to Skype. Between residual income and recruiting bonuses you can make your investment back in as little as 60 days plus some.

16 different services/products and more on the way. Call, text or email me and I will try to convey what a powerful opportunity this is and if you still have questions I can refer you to my upline support team of directors and vice presidents. In case you are not interested but may know someone who is good with people and likes to sell – please send them my way. I would truly appreciate it.

The information is free and there is no inventory to maintain. I’m not big on the hard sell. I will tell you the parts I like and the parts I struggle with and let you make your own decision.

Have a great day and let’s make each other some money so we can control our own time.