I see the angry in me

Rising to the surface

I am losing control

Just drifting into space

Its been so long

Since I’ve been so sad

Its been so long

I think I’m going mad

The most afraid I get

Is when the truth comes out

I’ve got so much nothing

Coming out of me

Who am I now

What have I done

Screaming doesn’t help

I’ve lost all the fun

I’m losing it

Can’t find my balance

Turning inside to my darkness

Just looking down forever

Sliding down a jagged spiral

My hands are bleeding

I’m slipping further down

Watching the light receding

I think I can handle this

I might be able to get by

No need to judge me

I’ve judged myself guilty

Down,  down the bloody spiral

Too daunting to come back

The want to go on is leaving

Just close my eyes to perfect black

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