Gift Cards

Gift Card
Gift Card (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Happy Post Christmas blog entry to anyone who just happens to read my words.  🙂

So this Christmas, out of necessity for time and resources, I gave some gift cards…and also received one.

My thoughts on the gift card are typically that it is a cop-out from buying a real present – telling the person you got the gift card for: Hey I’m either too lazy to plot out a real thoughtful gift or…I’m super lazy and thought you might just like the credit at the store name on the card. The caveat is – that the person actually frequents the establishment on the card alot so an available credit is actually practical. For the record, the two people I gave gift cards to reacted as such: one was mad I gave the gift but not for that reason and the other was appreciative but also stated that gift cards are not as personal as a thought provoking gift.

Myself I’m not a big fan of receiving them although it boils down to it’s the thought of a gift that’s nice. I get annoyed a bit by the person who bought the gift card to a specific place – meaning they are forcing me to spend their money at a particular place (unless its a gift card to a bank!). Also the other thing with gift cards that rankles me is when you get down to the small remainder (like $1.89 left) – I tend to ditch the card at that point as the cashier most times seems too confused on how to do two payment transactions for my clearance hoodie. So its a waste issue of the money plus the card itself (I know some are reloadable).

Anywho…we march onto the impending New Year just a handful of days away. Hope everyone celebrated or didn’t celebrate in their preferred fashion.

Peace out.

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