Cold Wastes of WinterWhat is optional: Car features, cherry on your shake at Steak N Shake, signing the back of your credit card, blinkers in traffic, saying hello to co-workers…

I’m freezing presently and a little unfocused. Some of my more familiar friends and acquaintances will not notice any difference from my usual frivolity but for the casual surfer who ends up here…it may take a minute or two to calibrate.

Hump Day. Talking camel. Intimate act between two consenting adults. Middle O The Week for the Irish in the crowd.

Twitter blasts of random in the moment thoughts. Facebook surfing while the network is down at work. Hashtag looks who’s embroiled in drama today!

I need to warm up and refocus and put aside my frustration with being unproductive at work only a day after having to sacrifice Tuesday’s workday to off-site team building (in essence) workshop.

I apologize for the brevity and topic changes like a gnat in the wind during summertime.

Enjoy some gluten free Pita chips and your favorite beverage – water seems to be universally acceptable.

Cheerio and Cheerios to all the breakfast consuming persons who are willing to go down that route.

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