Social Media and Smart Phones = Death of Society not =D


Its nearly impossible to be anywhere in public where you don’t see someone or alot of someones sitting or walking around with their attention fixed squarely in the palm of their hand. Looking at a tiny screen, swiping a finger or pinching their fingers on that tiny screen. They are connected to a data server maybe thousands of miles away caught in the virtual world and still continue to walk around – sometimes accidentally running a shoulder into a stranger who was also fixated elsewhere other than in the moment and didn’t get out of the way. In a dim unremembered past two people would head out to a place to eat and talk and catch up. Now those same two people still go out to eat but spend half the time scrolling through screens on their phones and punching up apps to see that latest social media updates from their ‘friends’. Technology and constant information seem to be this generation’s crack cocaine. No one can seem to be away from their life line aka cell phone for more than a few seconds without getting all fidgety. ((((Must know what is going on at all times. Perhaps I missed and instant message or text or newly posted picture of cat wearing a wig with a cute Photoshopped quote added for comic effect.)))) The biggest place this plays into and is ruining is ‘dating’. (Catch my attention in three sentences or I’m moving on to the next person’s dating profile. Must be entertained damnit!) In conjunction with dating sites, social media and smart phones – the drive to ramp everything into sex or sexting is at hyperspeed. Throw out a suggestive question and end it with a winky face. You can type anything you want because you don’t need the courage to ask face to face because its just you and your phone and maybe a static picture of the other person who never changes expression regardless if you ask how’s the weather or how big your cup size is. Cyber courage is at an all-time high. Combine that with TV and movies going more and more over the top and parents losing ground on the discipline front – more and more kids are heading into dating with no real sense of human interaction. These young adults age are becoming self-serving young men and women who are grounded in the “ME” way and wonder why nothing lasts…like last year’s iPhone. Society will not end with Zombies but most likely in starvation as Farmville will not produce any real food and society will be ‘too busy’ to be bothered with real work like farming and feeding a nation. This is just my opinion and far too long to Tweet but I may link it to Facebook lol OMG!  😉  Remember rude is the new polite. Remember to not text and drive. YOLO … unless you are a vampire or deities that come back to life. Peace.

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