Last Wednesday…In August 2014…Ever

Good applicable time of the day to you.
Not sure if you meant to land here and read my thoughts (technically making you a temporary mind reader?) but welcome and good day.

By process of elimination, you can only be a handful of people I know as most of the outside world has yet to discover my brilliance aka mindless virtual diary. So hopefully your furniture is in working order and your health is not poor and your shoes are very comfortable.

Today is pointless or if there is a point, the plot lines have not been established that I can discern.

My thoughts as of late have strayed to writing once again and I am not meaning my blurts and bursts on Twitter or my diatribes on Facebook that I catch so much flack about to no end.

Characters and stories have started to bug me in the wee hours of morning when most sane people embrace sleep. I may post a short story here and there or some of my rough prose. Some of it tends to be dark but that is the pool my feet are soaking in a the moment and they say to write what you know so this hopefully could be interesting.

Stay tuned. Happy Hump Day!
Peace Out.

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