Double Standards

I am utterly confused. Why is baseball, St Louis in particular, celebrating the legacy of Oscar Tavares? In this epoch of persecuting athletes for reprimanding their children and abusing their spouses and various other shades of gray – why are we exalting for a man who willfully drank to excess and then drove with a passenger – his girlfriend – ultimately committing murder to both himself and her? Am I missing something here? Hypocrites please explain the redeeming qualities to pass down to the youth of today for this lesson?

It may seem like I’m being heavy handed here but c’mon give me any sort of credible answer? If Mr Tavares profession was anything but professional athlete he would not be getting put up for any local adulation based on his actions. He would have been a blurb on the local news and we would shake our heads at such foolishness and wastefulness. If he had lived through the accident, he would most likely be facing a reprimand through Major League Baseball to send a message – if not legal action for vehicular manslaughter if he had survived and his girlfriend did not. The Cardinals organization would have denounced his actions and said they were reaching out to him for support and to get him help to make sure it never happened again.

Adrian Peterson was accused of abusing his son – not convicted mind you, but just accused. His punishment was suspension from his job and being ostracized from coast to coast. Ray Rice knocked out his wife in a drunken state – on video. His punishment was losing his job and being shunned (for good reason) for his actions. Aaron Hernandez murdered at least one person and tried to cover up his actions. As a result he is in jail and his name is the butt of jokes and he will never play professional football again. So Oscar Tavares did a major no-no and paid for it with not just his life but the life of someone he allegedly loved. His immature actions tragically changed the lives of his family, friends and his girlfriend’s family and friends. So we should publicly give him an atta-boy? If so, then bring out Jerry Springer to be the Master of Ceremonies for this circus. Ridiculous. What’s next: A Chris Benoit foundation to get more kids to try steroids?

Shame on Cardinals Nation. Luckily I’m not a Cardinals fan. So I can stand back and see how wrong this is and just shake my head.


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