Today is always today
Just on a sliding scale
If you have a moment today
Tell someone you love them
Tomorrow will cut you deep
And take everything away
I’ve seen it before
And history just repeats
Today I had a conversation
That was done before it started
What was it I did say
It doesn’t much matter does it
Today smelling those roses
Before they un-bloom and die
Hey it’s all good and fine
I’ve got my today and so do you
Can’t decide if I’m hot or cold
Close my eyes, time to decide
Tell me about my blessings
Let’s see what you think you know

Today, love me
Today, just kill me
Today, is going to go on
Today, make a new memory

Going to take a trip
And pick myself up after the fall
Laugh it off, it’s no big deal
Everyone gets knocked down once and again
Today is the start of something
Maybe good but maybe the wrong path
But that’s half of life ain’t it
Finding a way back from nowhere
Reminding myself of things to do
Today because tomorrow is too late
The more I keep it simple
The more complicated it gets
Someone on the other side of the world
Is smiling for no reason at all
It’s later there but still right now
They are in the light, I’m in the dark
My sunrise might be their sunset
A beginning or an end
How much of your glass is half full
Let me empty mine to fill yours

Today, is just a new day
Today, tell me something new
Today, will make you laugh
Today, live it all the way through

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