I briefly thought about writing a blog on the word Snicklefritz which has roots in the Pennsylvania Dutch community referring to young chatterbox children. But In The End (as I am listening to Linkin Park on Youtube) I decided against the topic as I didn’t think it had enough legs in my my lackadaisical state.

Here I sit mid-afternoon and I have just downed about three dozen Skittles. Yes the sugary candy. I needed a pick-me-up. Do not judge me! OK judge me if you will but I was dragging for some energy and it sounded like a quick fix solution. So far (about a half an hour has elapsed) I am not getting the sugar kick I was seeking. As a bonus I think my stomach may fall out. So I give myself a fail.
This should be my last blog as a person who has not visited the state of Oklahoma. If things align as they should, I will also be able to brag about playing softball in my fifth state (Missouri, Kansas, Illinois and Indiana are the other states of the union with this distinction). For the record I have visited other states and held a softball (Iowa, Ohio, Florida, New York, North Carolina, Colorado and Nevada) but not officially played a ball game in those states. Perhaps someday.
As always please send me any ideas for blogs or cute cat videos. Hope you are able to stay dry and avoid terrible drivers that seem to be a plague upon this land. Do not get me wrong. I understand that tire blowouts happen. Run out of gas – embarrassing but also it happens. Car overheats or whatever mechanical malfunction befalls the driver – OK. But when so many accidents happen due to inattentive, distracted drivers driving while reaching for something that takes the eyes off the road or you are riveted to the screen of your phone to look at a picture or read a message – c’mon damnit! Compounding this epidemic are people who are just poor drivers and cannot navigate in anything less than pristine conditions with completely open lanes in front of them. Because of this, traffic becomes an unbeatable monster. This causes lost time and wastes resources (gas) by thousands of innocently disinterested competent drivers. Get your sh!t together people! Sheez! Social media and texts will wait. Is risking death and destruction for a ‘lol’ or a smiley face emoji really worth it?
The Houston Astros are such fools. We are signed in as them on Facebook Messenger and sending trade requests for their whole minor league system. lol. Hold on I’m going to ‘Like’ the St Louis Cardinals page. Shhh. #WeWillNeverGetCaught
….Sorry think I got hacked for a second there.

Happy Thursday and calming peace.

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