Weekend Update

Good day ladies and gentlemen. Today is a special weekend blog for the ever faithful. Nothing really that special just a chance to gather some thoughts albeit brief and share. For those who have taken the time to get to know me or regularly read my blog, you probably have gotten the indication that I tend to be a little morbid. It has been like that since my long since past teenage years. It is just the way I am programmed. With that being said, I skew decidedly dark on my humor or find humor in some things that others might not find funny or amusing at all. The double edged sword of that quirk is it also tends to make the really dark periods in my life nearly unbearable and suffocating.

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life. You gotta get’em right. Sorry had to randomly interject a 80’s sitcom theme. If Misses G were alive today (Charlotte Rae) she would be proud…wait she is alive…my most sincere apologies C.R. Sorry for the sidebar but that is sometimes how it goes in my brain.

So in my morbidity I started wondering, if I got hit by a bus or an asteroid or some other spontaneous auto-tragedy (Sharknado anyone?)…what of my things would my girlfriend, mother or friends want of mine to remember me by (if anything at all). My FRIENDS DVD collection or some of my more obscure DVD and Blu-Rays maybe. I would imagine my clothes would be split between Goodwill and the dumpster. My out-dated game systems would probably find their way to a friend I suppose. Most of my furniture would probably be sold relatively cheap to strangers on Craigslist.

When I really take inventory of my material things, most of them are pretty modest and inconsequential. I do not really create anything (anymore) that could really be considered art. So there is really not much that would encapsulate me and my essence. When you break it down like that I am very close to being an Etch-A-Sketch picture on the screen as a five year old kicks the Etch-A-Sketch down a flight of stairs. A few unrecognizable broken lines and scattered blotches against a gray backdrop is all that might be there for the world to find.

Did I mention sometimes I am morbid?

I have never and will never be an elite athlete broadcast around the globe. My ability to create things is on par with adding crumbled bacon to a box of Mac N Cheese. I cannot hack into electronics and send them to destroy my mortal enemies. When it comes down to it, I merely exist. If the universe interprets that harshly and became dyslexic, it can plot any number of exits for me. So each day I try to be humble and value the people in my life (plus my kitty!) who have affected me and whom I look forward to inspiring me to do a little something to leave some finger prints and a nose print of my existence on the tinted limo window of life.

Today is Sunday, July 12th and I nearly got heat stroke playing softball. Yes I am crazy/stupid about that game, whether it is 95 degrees or 25 degrees, I love playing ball. If I would have died on the field of Wolff’s Softball Haven…I could live with that ending and hope that at least a few people would miss me and think of me every time they step onto the field to play.

Have a great weekend my friends.


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