Out of the fire and into another fire

All the hurry up in my soul
All the noise in my head
All I want to do is
What I want to do the most
But I’m waiting for the sky
To rain an eternity down on me
Just drown out my sad little voice
Under a cold and bitter stream

For awhile I want to scream
For awhile I feel the need
All the while the sun softly mocks me
But it can’t burn me, I’m a ghost
Seems I have left no trace
To prove I was even here in this place
Goodbye to my all my friends
Goodbye sun as night hurries to replace

Never was, never just the way
Never the reason for someone to stay
You just never know do you
Stepping into Hell to meet the host
Eternity walking on bare feet
Hot coals between your toes
All the demons for your mind
No changing forever and so it goes

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