What is karma? Some mythical energy in the universe that swings back and forth like a pendulum keeping a balance to right all the wrongs? Perhaps.
It would be nice if karma was like a video on demand service. Someone rudely cuts you off in traffic without using their blinker…push the karma button…and presto they run over a board with nails causing their vehicle to fish-tail off the shoulder of the road, down an embankment where their car/truck flips over and all of the beverages in the vehicle spill on the driver before the air bag deploys and hopefully gives them a concussion.
That is the way I would like for karma to work but it seems to be an eventual non-linear comeuppance that occurs some time later if at all. Since later on seems to be the rule I would like to propose something out to the Universal Karma to consider (if it hasn’t already thought of this).
In today’s American society (since I live here and am not 100% oblivious), it seems that monogamy and dedication to one person is dead or at least in a coma. I have ranted before about the aggressive (sexual) nature of courtship and ‘dating’ if you want to call it that nowadays. Every one is hurried and on-the-go so speed of delivery from food, to entertain, to companionship is heightened. Everyone wants everything now if not sooner. There is no build up to anything anymore. Who has time for that? Read a summary of the movie you are going to watch online before you see it (either on Netflix or in the theater). Check out Yelp reviews of a potential restaurant to know the parking, menu, price range, etc before you leave the house. Click the link to read a walk-through of the murder mystery dinner so there are no surprises when you go.

The overall vibe is that no one wants to be surprised or take a chance anymore. Surf and scroll, everything is just a Google search away. I get it and I am guilty of this as well, after all no one wants to waste money or their time when both of which are constantly in short supply.
Where am I going with this in relation to karma? Excellent question grasshopper.
Today everyone has access to so many more avenues of meeting a person of the opposite sex or of their same sex if that is their preference than say just twenty years ago. You obviously have hangout places such as sporting events, the gym or bars where you could scope out people in person. The less obvious places like grocery stores, church, public laundry and the workplace have potential to put two people together at the same time also. But an overwhelming major of people today meet online – whether they are single or not single but still looking for something else on the down-low.
I am not going to target the legitimately single who are just looking to play the field, regardless of looking for something long term or just to get the friction on and run. There are those people of both genders and you take your chances by playing that (sexual) roulette. But the ones who are in a relationship or downright married and are looking to step out without the other party in their relationship knowing – I propose some harsh cosmic karma for them and their children. #SinsOfTheFather

For the cheaters who sneak around and lie to ‘get some’ on the side (virtually or physically) behind their spouse’s or dedicated partner’s back (betraying their trust and faithfulness), I hope that if they have a child and when their child comes of age that someone they are looking to forge a meaningful relationship with…absolutely tears their child’s heart out and they have a front row seat to the agony and are unable to console them.
Seem a little harsh? Maybe but as I often say, go big or go home. So many things in today’s world seem to have no consequences. So much is swept under the rug or shrugged off as a sign of the times and it is only getting worse. If I can call upon the mighty powers of karma (unlike the mighty Lotto Gods who have forsaken me) to at least consider this punishment. It may dole out some decency back into this world that is sliding down the slippery slope of morality and family values. I am not a prude by any stretch but I believe that the breeding line of good people is dwindling to a tortured trickle while the tsunami of a-holes is expanding like the falls of Niagara.
Just thought I would drop that in the imaginary suggestion box and from there who knows? I tend to be silly and laid back but at my core I have deeply passionate views on what is right and wrong. Dr Jack Kevorkian did the right thing for people dying and suffering but was ostracized. The world needs more Dr Death and less RomeoHotBody1991 looking for a hottie for a 30 minute ‘hang session’ before he gets back to his Lexus, 3 kids and high school sweetheart wife who have no clue who he really is.
#ScumbagsGonnaScumbag #BlogHashTagsForFun #LiarsAndCheatersRuinLives

Okay down off the soapbox and hope you are having a great mid month.


2 thoughts on “KARMA

  1. Becca

    Your day must be a tad peculiar if you go from reminiscing about grampa tom to cheaters and sinning LOL 😉
    I absolutely agree though. Good people are disappearing at a rapid pace hah.

    1. Ha! Actually the Grampa Tom piece was in the hopper to do yesterday but didn’t get to upload it & the other piece I have been trying to get a handle on for awhile so to make it a little thought provoking and less sounding like a lunatic. lol

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