Non-related Stuff

So Steve Jobs of Apple / iPhone fame who was born in 1955 with German ancestry and passed away in 2011 was driven to create the superior phone.
In an unrelated stream, the infamous Adolf Hitler, who was born in April 1889 of German ancestry and died in April 1945, was driven (mad) to create the superior race of humans.
Some people believe in reincarnation. The reincarnation process could be once you die, your soul floats around for a period of time before being returned to Earth (or some other plane of existence with living beings) and the soul flows into a new vessel aka body. So say in the afterlife time moves at a different rate of speed. Maybe the reincarnation process takes like roughly 10 earth years.
Did you know around the Apple factories they have installed ‘Suicide Nets’ to keep their workers from going to the roof and plunging to their deaths? What must go on inside to make someone want to do that as opposed to just looking for another Jobs…er, job.
None of these things are intertwined or possibly have a linear connection. I am just typing in tangents. Some people believe people go to Hell for crimes against humanity in this life.
Anyway – have a great week and if you are in a building and see safety nets outside, ask yourself why they are there.

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