So what did the Mizzou football program et al accomplish with their boycott?
Were all the wrongs righted and all racists eliminated from the campus?
Or did they just turn things ugly for a couple of scapegoats and the same shtuff will still be going on with no real changes?

The acts of a few closed-minded people should reflect on those people who perpetrate those stereo-types and bigotry, not on others who cannot control free speech and stupid predisposed judgments. Let’s be honest, Mizzou has a reputation as a party school so I’m sure not everyone there is from the Christian Mingle crowd but more towards the Tinder side. Hey, if everyone is allowed to be colored by the minority’s actions then the whole crowd pays the price right? This is nothing more than mob mentality. Is racism dumb and wrong? – no question yes. But guess what? For every group or race – there are people who are going to hate them for being different or having things the others don’t. Unless the whole world dies and there is only one person left – there will always be divisions and inconsequential reasons why certain people don’t like other people.

Here is my rule of thumb: I discriminate against those people who prove themselves to be idiotic douche bags. Also here’s a clue, those types of people span all types of races, social classes and genders.
The situation at Mizzou is no better today than it was a week ago except that the student on his hunger strike can now eat because the figureheads have been removed. But what happens if the poopy-swastika bandit strikes again? Will the new figureheads be called on the carpet before they can even figure out where the best place to eat on campus is? Unless the powers that be invite Big Brother onto the campus by placing video surveillance in every room of all the dorms and to cover every square inch of the campus (I believe this is part of the premise of CBS’s Person Of Interest show) they cannot prevent this type of incident from happening again. Additionally, I am pretty sure most of the student body would be up in arms if such a thing was proposed because it would be an invasion of their privacy (Read: All of the other deviant behavior would be caught as well because let’s face it – this is college and all those crazy things on YouTube have to come from somewhere.)

I get that I am probably coming across as insensitive to the cause here and every one is entitled to their own opinion but ask yourself what really was accomplished? All these social crimes committed and swept under the rug at Mizzou so the blame rises to the top. But what were these outed men supposed to do? Interrogate students based on profiling techniques with a suspect pool of literally thousands? What about the pretty girls who are degrading the ‘geek’ population? Don’t they have the right to be offended as well? What about the young adults that want to be the bench warmers for the math clubs but can’t solve an equation? Isn’t that discriminating against them just because they aren’t smart enough?

Once Mizzou fixes this issue and it can be shipped around the country like an antidote to the plague of racism, maybe it can work on the reverse-racism issue in this country. People of color are allowed to throw out racism many times in inappropriate and flat out false circumstances with zero retribution. Not everything negative that happens is because of race. Sometimes life is just hard. Sometimes it’s a case of wrong place, wrong time. Yes a lot of terrible things in American history have been done for no other reason than it was the white man’s prerogative. But let’s look around at the modern landscape. There are people of color in every imaginable position of society including the highest seat, President of the United States. Is racism alive in the US? Any rational person would be foolish to say it doesn’t exist but in comparison to what it was even just 40-50 years ago, it is not the force it once was. But just like the people who refuse to acknowledge progress and advances in technology because they cling to the old ways things used to be done; the world moves on without them and they are left behind and slowly go extinct.
People who constantly beat the racism drum are the ones doing the most to keep it alive. There are many different tangents that can be followed from the story of Ferguson and the story evolving out of Mizzou. But let’s flip the script on both. If the populous at the University of Missouri as 80% black and 20% white or other and racial slurs were hurled or incidents perpetrated against the situational minority – this would not have been a story one bit. If you take away the violence and destruction from the Ferguson incidents no one outside of Missouri would ever even have heard of Ferguson.

Just to stir the pot a little here on the Mizzou situation, read what follows and just think about it. One of the incidents brought to light about the racism at Mizzou was about a new restroom on campus where someone took feces (poop) and drew a swastika on the wall. It is a symbol for race supremacy no doubt. The perpetrator of this action has not been caught or even identified. So I ask you, what if the person who drew this symbol…was black? Or what if it wasn’t even a student but maybe someone with an ax to grind with the current president who could logically figure out how this would escalate? These scenarios could be farfetched but as of right now the person who did this is unknown.

I was born as a child of the early 70’s – peace and love or whatever. I was never taught racist things. Did I hear racist things? Yes. Racist jokes? Yes. Did I judge so-and-so because of the color of their skin? No that’s just illogical and dumb. Have I judged people based on what I have heard about them? Yes, I think we all do. Have I made assumptions about people that I have never met or heard speak based on ‘facts’ presented? Yes. That is how we as human beings reason. That person stole a car – they are a criminal. That person stole a car in order to get to the hospital to see a loved one who was critically injured. They are a criminal but compassionate. Almost nothing is truly black and white. You just need to get as much information as you can to make up your own mind. Judging an entire race or gender based on the actions of one person or a handful of people is insanity.
Stay sane and appreciate your family and friends as if the lights are out and everyone is every color of love.


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