Greetings! Happy Hump Day and Veterans Day!
If there are any service personnel who read my blog I thank you first and foremost for your service and also I humbly thank you for reading my material. Hope you are safe and have a kick butt day!
So as is often the case I found myself amused yesterday. What was I doing? I was getting a haircut. What’s so amusing about that? Did the stylist give me a bad haircut? Or draw blood? No nothing of the sort.
It’s no secret I tend to be value driven (READ: I AM CHEAP) and I use either Great Clips or Super Cuts for my haircut needs. On this day, I opted for Super Cuts because they are near my residence. I swooshed in, making a grand entrance, full of flair and demanded an immediate haircut by their finest stylist. Translation: I opened the door, walked in and since the girl was available I was able to be seen promptly. My stylist’s name was Nikki. I only know this because it was on the receipt afterwards. She did not introduce herself and the handwriting on her business cards was undecipherable. But otherwise a nice girl. She took direction well and worked quickly.
During the 15-20 minutes I was in her chair getting buzzed and clipped, I made some casual conversation.

Me: So have you been doing this long?

Nikki: A little over a year.

Me: Have you ever had anyone ever yell at you?

Nikki: (laughs) No why?

Me: Just curious.

Nikki: Not yell at me no. But there were a few difficult people. One guy was mean. He was a little snotty. Asked me if I was going to finish and blend him out and stuff. Asked me if this was my first time.

Me: I couldn’t do your job. Because I would’ve told that guy: Funny you should say that…
There was some other small talk and I censored myself because some people just don’t find things as funny as I do. Like about 20 seconds into the haircut when she was zipping up the back of my head with the clippers I fought the urge to say: Wait! Wait! You didn’t start yet did you?! But in the interest getting a decent haircut and not alienating my stylist for my own amusement I squelched it. (Or asking: Who’s your favorite customer today?)

All I can say is there is some value in being able to entertain yourself. That is my defense and the defense rests.
Have a terrific day right meow!


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