Rousey vs Holm – MMA / UFC 193

Just a note to all the Ronda Rousey haters about Saturday’s fight:
Lest you forget, she nearly won. Although a zillion people tuned in to watch the main event not everyone who is piling on yesterday and today actually saw the fight. But about midway through the first round, Ronda had The Preacher’s Daughter on the mat and was perhaps a few seconds away from finishing her off. Alas Holly Holm was able to do what Rousey’s competitors previously could not, namely keep her calm and think her way out.
I give Holly Holm a lot of credit. She and her team devised a strategy and they were able to not only survive the first round but clearly fluster the champ.
In my lifetime, with all due respect to Floyd Mayweather, I have really only seem one other competitor with the same cache that Ronda Rousey carries and his name is Iron Mike Tyson. The frenzy that accompanied Rousey is very reminiscent of what Mike Tyson had back in the day – and that was before the marketing buzzsaw of social media.
Inside the octagon or ring, they both command attention and have a charisma and no offense to Holly Holm (or Buster Douglas) but that does not pass down the line like a title belt. Holm may take the title and run with it but I just don’t see her being the same icon that Rousey was/is. Personality, sex appeal and marketability are what project someone onto that other plane of celebrity. Just like in present day WWE (World Wrestling Entertain) there is everyone else and there’s John Cena and before him, it was the Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Undertaker or Triple H or of course, Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant. They are icons and household names that immediately grab attention and send ripples through a live crowd or drive up a pay per view (PPV) buy-rate.
Holly Holm like I said is a tremendous athlete and her accomplishment stands for itself but just listening to her post-win interview and ah shucks demeanor, I think UFC is hoping that rematch between her and Rousey happens sooner rather than later. When it does happen I think we know who their accountants are pulling for to win. Because let’s put ourselves in their shoes and be practical business people for a second, if they rematch and Rousey wins, then the next logical chain re-action would be what? Yes indeed, another down the road rematch. Cha-Ching!
A couple more points then I will let you carry on with your Monday morning as such: every great fighter has an opponent they will eventually lose to – even Floyd Mayweather will get stopped cold by time/age. Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Royce Gracie, Brock Lesnar, the fictional Rocky Balboa et al were viewed as great fighters but every one has had a hiccup or a back to the drawing board moment. I think Rousey will be back and regain the championship and some of her glory but no matter what – the haters are gonna hate (Bethe Correia).
The flip-side to the Holly Holm win – is the underdog story. When the announcers were talking pre-match as Holm made her entrance and she proceeded to hop around the ring like a kangaroo on crack, they noted that Holly stated it all starts with a belief in yourself. You have to believe you can win first. Without that you are doomed from the start. So I congratulate her on her historic and shocking win. I only say shocking not because she won but how she dominated the champ. Fighting takes more than just talent, instincts or strength. Those things need to be blended to bring out the best results. Holly and her coaches did that and are reaping the benefits. Well done and bravo.
This has been my MMA recap moment. Just a note there were other matches on the UFC 193 card. The co-main event Women’s Strawweight Title: Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Valerie Letourneau where the champ defeated Letourneau was far and away the best overall fight on the card. I hope Letourneau’s leg is OK after the incredible abuse she sustained in those five rounds. None of the guy’s matches were really anything to write home or a blog about. It must be hard on the men’s egos in that locker room that their matches are basically after-thoughts and every one of them was utterly forgettable compared to the hype brought and delivered by the women competitors. Time to step up your game gentlemen.
So I acquiesce on this fighting piece by saying, peace.

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