…he moved out from the shadows and into the pale light of the solitary street lamp. Sunrise was still about an hour away and with the thick blanket of clouds producing a cold drizzle it did not promise to get any brighter anytime soon. Instinctively he blunted a cough with his fist, then dropped the hand back to his side under his armpit which was pressed tightly to his naked chest. In actuality, he was completely naked. With the temperatures what they were and him being devoid of clothes and already being soaked from the mop of his disheveled hair to the bottoms of his numb and filthy feet, he should be at the very least shivering. But he was not. Just a couple of hours ago he was a shaking and incoherent mess but now he was resigned and sadly determined. The severed woman’s arm on his doorstep in collaboration with the three very graphic text messages followed by the hysterical voice-mail from his sister made the pre-dawn hours seem like an eternity of suffering.

He shuffled across the deserted street towards the cul de sac which he knows means dead end. Beyond the circle and the two abandoned houses, there lies a wet weather creek and on the other side another street. There, allegedly, waiting for him should be a car with instructions on what to do next.

The drizzle intensified into stinging drops on the strength of the buffeting cross-wind. His feet were now alternating between stabs of pain with every rock or stick encountered and soothing coolness from the puddling rain entering the myriad of cuts on his shoeless feet.

Distant thunder rumbled and rolled and was answered by a closer volley of more dominant thunder.

The houses ahead were dark and stoic. Neither had a fenced yard and the feeble light did not venture to illuminate any more than the space in between. Beyond was inky blackness with shifting designs that could be the gaping maw of a huge hungry beast. The thought did not deter his progress as he now limped into the opening and out of the light.

This is a story I am working on, one of many actually. But I thought I would tease you to see if you would respond if you care to find out what happens next or if you would like to see the finished story. If so send me a tweet @oohaw94 or send me an email to: scottlatta@gmail.com and I will give you a bit more to the story above!

Have a great day and peace.

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