Social Media

Good morning to all.


Those of you who follow me, either literally (alright creepers) or figuratively (vicariously through social media), probably have a loose grasp of who I am as a person and my personality. I try not to blast my personal business especially when it is a he said-she said situation. That is not to say I do not flavor my posting with my emotions or thoughts banging around inside of my head. After all who here is a robot? No seriously, tell me. If I have robot readers I find that fascinating.

To this end I wanted to address those who have said I blab my personal business on social media. To my recollection I have never called out anyone by name for sitting next to me in the cafe with halitosis or the person changing the station in my car from Journey to some repetitive God awful rap song. Every once in awhile I will talk about my softball life and throw out a name or two but it is generally a positive mention unless I am calling out myself for deflecting softballs with my torso or hitting a can of corn with the game on the line. So in my defense I speak in generalities to keep everyone in the cyber witness protection plan.
In my life I have a rough set of guidelines and a logical process I use to get through the day to day whatnot alive, breathing and mentally able to rationalize my actions or state of mind. Most of it is pretty straight-forward, you be nice to me and in turn I will be decent to you. However if you have wronged me (or someone I care about) then like the Italians – you are dead to me: In living breathing life and also in cyber space. So if you are a scumbag (by ruling of my internal court) then I will not speak to you and I will not allow you to virtually hang around even in social (media) circles. My philosophy on this topic is that if I deem you unworthy then you should not be granted access to my life even in the smallest outlet. I am fiercely loyal, mostly to a fault, and do not see the value in letting douche-bag people who have proven they will deceive you (sometimes over and over) any avenue into my life. Some people choose to let the crud on the bottom of pigs feet hang around and that is their choice but for me I ask why would you do that?
As 2015’s finish line looms ahead, I am trying to sort out my personal life and look forward to improving upon myself and what I can bring out to make my inner dreams a reality.
Friends memes
Please drink responsibly and when not drinking make sure your beverage has a coaster so as not to leave drink rings on the table. For everyone who takes a few minutes here and there to read my posts, I truly thank you and appreciate the feedback.


Editor’s note: Scumbags = dudes. Douchebags = dudes.

Odds of Winning

So I just crumpled up $5 and threw it in the trash. OK it wasn’t literally $5 in cash but that was the value of the three scratch-off lottery tickets that yielded nothing but silver shavings and a frown from me. Before you say hey that’s what you get for wasting your money – I didn’t buy them. They were a gift.
I’m guessing it is a pretty common thing for bosses, friends and relatives to purchase these square cardboard opportunities for instant riches in lieu of giving cash or something with some heart-felt thought behind it. I guess I am coming across quite Grinchy here so I will expound.

In the history of receiving these scratch-off tickets which I think now totals about 100-120 in my lifetime – I think I have won $6 and about 7-8 ‘free’ tickets which in turn yielded more trash can fodder. To further speak to my luckiness when it comes to cosmic raffles, lotteries, work Christmas party drawings et al – I think in my lifetime I have won a basket of ladies soaps (work Christmas party – unable to use or re-gift), a $5 gas card gift card (what good is that?), $10 Starbucks gift card (I do not like coffee and re-gifted the gift card and was told by the person who got the card that whomever purchased it didn’t get it activated correctly so I looked like a jerk) and I also won a lunchbag collapsable cooler with a retail value of somewhere around $2.

The only slight exception is that I regularly play the Powerball lotto and occassionally the Mega Millions lotto. The greatest success I had was playing in a group of about 15 people from work and we collectively won $250 – which yielded almost $17 per person upon disbursement! I typically play on my own twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday drawings) for two plays now at $2 each, but it was four plays back when the cost per ticket was $1. So if you figure I have been conservatively playing every drawing to the tune of $4 each time based on bi-weekly drawings and fifty-two weeks per year for twenty years – that’s about $8400 rounding up as I know that when the ‘pot’ is larger I tend to throw in a few extra bucks here and there for quick picks.
So based on the information I have outlined above you are probably silently judging me. Call me a fool but I’m an eternal optimist. A broken clock is right twice a day…assuming it’s a clock with a face unless the hands are broken off.

You can’t win if you don’t play. So keep HOPE alive (no that is not a Days of Our Lives reference) and Happy Holidays – Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanza, Feliz Navidad, Happy New Years or whatever solstice originated festival you celebrate even if that encompasses Star Wars based reality.

This will probably be my last blog post…before Christmas. So if I do not somehow encounter you before Santa or Papa Noel or your preference of mythical being of good tidings arrives – peace and happiness to you and yours.

P.S. Hug a cat…or you are wrong.


P.S.S. Do not waste your $25 on the Krampus…wait for Rebox or on-demand for $2-$3.

A bunch of things on my mind

Hello mid-December. You definitively seemed to have exceeded the speed limit to arrive here so swiftly. The couple of weeks after Thanksgiving and just before the onset of Christmas is kind of a stressful time, at least it has always felt that way to me. I usually am finishing up my Christmas shopping or about to complete the bulk of it and money is always tight. I know that monetary and physical gifts are not the end all be all of everything but I do try to show my innermost circle a little consumer love to show I put at least a little thought into what they might like based on my shoestring and pocket lint budget.

This year I am buying for my girlfriend, her son, my mother and her husband. I would like to buy about 15-20 more people gifts to show my appreciation but alas those Powerball numbers have me on their naughty list once again. I guess I may be on a few other people’s naughty list as well so I should see what the exchange rate for coal is these days.

It is a week and a half until Christmas and most of what I am looking forward to is the time off from work. Hopefully I can devise a plan to channel my creativity into the outlets I have been contemplating for several years now. Because personally I do not know if I can take another year trapped in limbo at a job that does not value people or expect any real input or feedback.

So I guess it’s time to put out a New Year’s resolution to be more dedicated to myself and the pursuit of something better; Healthy mind and body in 2016 or bust…that’s the goal.

Hope you are having a low stress holiday season.


Christmas Shopping

Hello and welcome to this Thursday edition of let’s do my Blog!

When we last left you a week ago, the villain behind the wheel was speeding towards our hero who was bound in iron chains to a Krytonite tree. Hark, who’s there? A bird? A plane? No it is, I give you HUMID! His superpowers? He has none! Actually he is adversely affected by allergies to metal, bio-material in the atmosphere, warm climates and he is badly photo-phobic. His main mode of transportation is a shiny red boomerang. Unfortunately, he is dependent upon a child or adult to be curious enough to pick it up and throw it…knowing full well that if it is a good throw he will return to the same spot.

Please follow along next week when HUMID is caught in the orthopedic shoe of a hospital worker who has halitosis of the foot! (cue dramatic music and fade out)

So while I’m here waiting for the caffeine in my Full Throttle Energy Drink to kick in (one of these days they will buck up and sponsor me and my pseudo-addiction to their product) my mind is wandering a bit. It is two weeks until Christmas and I have yet to purchase a single Christmas gift. YIKES! OK not entirely true. I have purchased some things for the little man of the house but for my girlfriend, mother, etc – not yet. This is not to say I do not have ideas but I just have not physically gone out to purchase them. In the past I have relied heavily on to acquire and have the items sent to me but with the new living space I am leery of trusting the post office based on the few things that I have had shipped to my residence and the ensuing issues.

Fear not though. I will venture out shortly (or next week) and add my almost literal two cents worth to the seasonal economy.

Hope your year and month are in a positive frame with only three weeks left in this year. Yikes again!

Peace and good cheer!


OK so I’ve been harboring a beef with someone for a couple of weeks now. This person said something so blatantly wrong that I feel I must step forward and set them straight in front of the whole world. This person we shall call Mr X said…that The Village People were a one-hit wonder.
Calming down. Calming down. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Alright. The Village People are universally known (including the defunct planets of Krypton and Alderaan) for their disco hit YMCA. The song title is an abbreviation which stands for Young Men’s Christian Association – but inside the gay culture of the time…well we will just say there is subtext about staying at the YMCA. But to say this was their only Top 25 (US charts) hit is incorrect. This musical group that has spanned thirty-five plus years has actually cracked that Top 25 standard on three separate occasions. Of course there is their calling card of YMCA but we should not forget their two other top selling singles: In The Navy and Macho Man.
So there! Ha! Told you so!
For the rest of the universe, I think maybe this garnered a raised eyebrow, a couple of eye blinks, a shake of the head or a frown. In retrospect (seems appropriate for this topic – ah, see what I did there?) I guess disco is dead and I should move along.


On a side note, don’t you think the ‘cowboy’ character in The Village People closely resembles John Rich from the duo Big & Rich?
Hope your December is progressing nicely, granted it is a small sample size so far.


It’s all about me

Oh yeah I said it! This blog, what’s in my freezer, the things I like on Tumblr – it is all about me and what I like.
Seems a bit smug and cocky? Perhaps, but let’s be honest…doesn’t pretty much everyone prioritize most things in their life by what they like and want and strive for? For me that counts double when it comes to my blog.
This blog is a way to connect with people of all different races, backgrounds, ages and living experiences. I would like to entice anyone who reads my blog to surf on in and get comfy on my virtual couch or hop onto an implied gondola and drift along in the current of my thoughts.

Where was I again? Oh yeah, me. Whether it’s a song or prose I wrote in the mood or a ranting diatribe on the state of public restrooms or a scrap of a fiction piece I am working on and looking for feedback – outside perspective is most welcome. From a selfish point of view – I can grow from gaining more readers. Some are supportive and great cheerleaders and like the light-to-darkness relationship – there are those that find my stuff to be on par with dino droppings. To each their own but, in trying to splash the canvas of eternity with my thoughts, I get a little closer to who I am trying to be when I grow up.
Everyone have a splendid Hump Day or Wednesday. Only four more weeks in this year. (YIKES)
I wish you happiness and peace.