OK so I’ve been harboring a beef with someone for a couple of weeks now. This person said something so blatantly wrong that I feel I must step forward and set them straight in front of the whole world. This person we shall call Mr X said…that The Village People were a one-hit wonder.
Calming down. Calming down. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
Alright. The Village People are universally known (including the defunct planets of Krypton and Alderaan) for their disco hit YMCA. The song title is an abbreviation which stands for Young Men’s Christian Association – but inside the gay culture of the time…well we will just say there is subtext about staying at the YMCA. But to say this was their only Top 25 (US charts) hit is incorrect. This musical group that has spanned thirty-five plus years has actually cracked that Top 25 standard on three separate occasions. Of course there is their calling card of YMCA but we should not forget their two other top selling singles: In The Navy and Macho Man.
So there! Ha! Told you so!
For the rest of the universe, I think maybe this garnered a raised eyebrow, a couple of eye blinks, a shake of the head or a frown. In retrospect (seems appropriate for this topic – ah, see what I did there?) I guess disco is dead and I should move along.


On a side note, don’t you think the ‘cowboy’ character in The Village People closely resembles John Rich from the duo Big & Rich?
Hope your December is progressing nicely, granted it is a small sample size so far.


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