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Good morning to all.


Those of you who follow me, either literally (alright creepers) or figuratively (vicariously through social media), probably have a loose grasp of who I am as a person and my personality. I try not to blast my personal business especially when it is a he said-she said situation. That is not to say I do not flavor my posting with my emotions or thoughts banging around inside of my head. After all who here is a robot? No seriously, tell me. If I have robot readers I find that fascinating.

To this end I wanted to address those who have said I blab my personal business on social media. To my recollection I have never called out anyone by name for sitting next to me in the cafe with halitosis or the person changing the station in my car from Journey to some repetitive God awful rap song. Every once in awhile I will talk about my softball life and throw out a name or two but it is generally a positive mention unless I am calling out myself for deflecting softballs with my torso or hitting a can of corn with the game on the line. So in my defense I speak in generalities to keep everyone in the cyber witness protection plan.
In my life I have a rough set of guidelines and a logical process I use to get through the day to day whatnot alive, breathing and mentally able to rationalize my actions or state of mind. Most of it is pretty straight-forward, you be nice to me and in turn I will be decent to you. However if you have wronged me (or someone I care about) then like the Italians – you are dead to me: In living breathing life and also in cyber space. So if you are a scumbag (by ruling of my internal court) then I will not speak to you and I will not allow you to virtually hang around even in social (media) circles. My philosophy on this topic is that if I deem you unworthy then you should not be granted access to my life even in the smallest outlet. I am fiercely loyal, mostly to a fault, and do not see the value in letting douche-bag people who have proven they will deceive you (sometimes over and over) any avenue into my life. Some people choose to let the crud on the bottom of pigs feet hang around and that is their choice but for me I ask why would you do that?
As 2015’s finish line looms ahead, I am trying to sort out my personal life and look forward to improving upon myself and what I can bring out to make my inner dreams a reality.
Friends memes
Please drink responsibly and when not drinking make sure your beverage has a coaster so as not to leave drink rings on the table. For everyone who takes a few minutes here and there to read my posts, I truly thank you and appreciate the feedback.


Editor’s note: Scumbags = dudes. Douchebags = dudes.

3 thoughts on “Social Media

  1. Anne

    New year, fresh start. Consider the flooding a washing away of the past year. Listen to your heart. Sometimes it may be wrong, but you will learn from that as well. Lastly, know you have family that cares very much about you. Peace be with you!

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