There are a few things in life that do not change (at least until they do).
The sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening – even if we might not be able to see this due to cloud cover…it still happens. A year by calendar standards is 365 days except every fourth year when it is 366 days.

People who speak in absolutes about generalities tend to make me play out scenarios in my mind where I stuff several large pillows worth of stuffing into their pie holes. Examples would be: All white people are racist. (Insert car manufacturer here) only makes cars that suck. Fat people are just people who can’t stop eating. People who live in poor neighborhoods are criminals and don’t want to better themselves.

A piece of information (generally a perception or common occurrence) is always the rule and should be the template rightly (or wrongly) placed over everyone or everything remotely covered by the perception or common occurrence.

Hitler hated the Jewish people. Hitler was German. All Germans hate all Jewish people. This is an example of throwing out an absolute…that is absolutely wrong.

Obviously I chose this example to illustrate a faulty line of thinking. But there are many people in society operating under similar misconclusions, many of them from a point of hate and righteous judgement.

So let me gently suggest that it is better to in-take information with an open mind and make a case by case assessment, instead of pushing everyone under one umbrella that may or may not cover their particular circumstances.

I would like to speak in specifics on this topic to defend some people wrongly lumped in with the guilty but the attached repercussions are such that some will not be able to separate them to see the larger picture.

Hopefully the only things you are judged on today are your clothing outfit choices, your breath and if your laugh is too loud. Happy Hump Day to everyone.


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