Recurring Dreams

Good day! By the title of this post some of you may be expecting a review of the classic album from the summer of 1996 by the Melbourne, Australia band known as Crowded House which was a Greatest Hits release. But no! This is more like me laying on a virtual leather couch and talking about my dreams. In my inner circles, it is known that I do not partake of that much prolonged sleep so in turn I do not tend to dream that much but when I do…

I tend to have a handful of scenarios that I dream about over and over again and it has been this way pretty much since my teen years. Spoiler alert: I tend to die in my dreams, like most of the time. I do not understand the undertones or connotation of that but it happens more often than not. In most of these sleepy sequences something tragic occurs: I am struck by a car, caught in the cross-fire waiting in line at the grocery store, pitching in a softball game and take a line drive to the face, alone and running for my life in a remote building when an oppressor (or several) corners me and bludgeons, stabs, shoots, etc me to my death and there are a few others that I am sure I am forgetting. But from that point on in the dream, it kind of switches to TV mode where I can see other people but they do not see me. Sometimes the people are talking about me, sometimes they are sad I am gone, sometimes they are not sad I am gone and sometimes they act like I never existed. It can be a bit odd which I guess is acceptable since they are dreams and not really real or subject to rules.

So to retell the dream fragment from Sunday night into Monday morning…I do not remember the beginning portion but from the part I do remember: I was on large rundown cruise ship being pursued by deranged screaming half-dude, half monster things. Every time I would trap one in a pantry or a closet (please note I did have a straight claw hammer with me for some reason) another one would pop out of the wood work and start chasing me through the corridors and open ball rooms and kitchens and exercise rooms and finally to the control room. I barricaded myself inside the control room with a handful of the monster dudes making a ruckus on the other side of the door which was metal on the bottom but clear glass on the top. As happens in the movies, the glass was starting to break so I used my hammer to bust out a window and of course I jumped down to the water below. So in the dream when I jumped into the water I felt like I was suffocating for a minute. Dunno what that was about but then I ‘surfaced’ and could breathe again.

I climbed a rope ladder attached to a short pier and ran. This pier was not in like the city but more like a secluded more tropical place with lots of trees and woods. As I headed into the woods I could hear the screaming monster dudes jumping into the water and wading ashore. At this point, I am feeling like I am running in slow motion but I can still hear these monster dudes thrashing and getting closer. Luckily I kept ahold of my trusty hammer and I get a clean swing to hit one of the things in its eye socket. The blow killed him but the hammer got lodged in his skull so I had to abandon my only weapon. I found some rusty bicycle handle bars nearby and I was using that like a light saber to break another one’s neck before it broke in half and I had to use it like a dagger to stab the next one.

Obviously at this point I was a little panicked but I kept running and came to a shack that was basically the size of a Port-A-Potty. The monster dudes found me in there and destroyed the shack in like two seconds. From there I tried to crawl away under the debris from the shack but one of them compound-broke my left arm just below the shoulder. I managed to get away but I had to run cradling my left arm with my right arm to keep it from tearing off my shoulder. I ran for awhile but a stitch developed in my side so I hid behind a tree of large girth. Behind this tree I could barely see but – lucky me – there was a wolf hiding there. I’m not sure if I scared it or if ‌in general it was not friendly, but the wolf growled and chased me through the woods where I ended up back at the pier. The wolf cornered me and I jumped off the pier into the water…only to realize I was too tired to swim so every thing got slow and I stopped breathing.

After drowning, I floated to the surface in the moonlight but aside from floating I could not move. Another ship about the size of the SS Minnow pulled up next to the one I had jumped from. On this ship were people I knew. I wanted to warn them about the monster dudes and the wolf but I couldn’t make any noise no matter how much I tried to scream and yell. A second later the sunrise spawned on the horizon and every thing was calm. No monsters, no blood, no screaming. Anthony and Madie (softball people) were on the boat and so was my mom along with my chiropractor Dr Ron. I guess Dr Ron was the captain as he wore a white captain’s hat on his bald dome. Anthony, who some of us call Twon, was holding his pug dog Lucky and was waving Lucky’s little paw at the bigger ship.

After a few seconds the whole placed changed. The boats were gone, the woods were gone, everyone was gone and it was just ‘ghost’ me on a road looking for miles in both directions as it was getting dark again. My arm didn’t hurt anymore but I wasn’t really a person I was just a floating image next to myself. The wind picked up and my image flickered like the TV picture when the electric almost goes out during a storm.

The wind died down and the sky turned absolute black. There were no stars, no moon and no light at all. Somewhere far away someone said something I couldn’t understand (this could have been my neighbors as they tend to have loud conversation at all hours of the day). I tried to focus but right about that time…the dream ended. I blinked fully awake and looked at the digital clock face that read 3:07.

This is pretty common as I have stated. I have many dreams where I am chased and/or perish but then stick around. I am sure there is a psycho analyst out there scribbling some notes after reading about my dream but it is pretty much par for the course. Stressful situation followed by death and then epilogue. Oh well. Hopefully there was something there that may have been intriguing or amusing or titillating for you.

Have a gracious and plentiful Hump Day.


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