Good afternoon! Hope your weekend was pleasant and free of egg burps (chocolate or chicken).

At one point I found myself fixating on a new piece of art for the bedroom. It is a longways rectangular piece with a relaxing scene featuring prominently the word HOPE centered in it. The piece was purchased a few weeks ago at a home furnishing store for a reasonable amount.

So while unconsciously focusing on the word HOPE my mind started the tiny hamster gears moving. I started mentally re-arranging the letters trying to make another word from just HOPE (Google anagram). This mental anagram game that occurs I blame on the author F Paul Wilson for his Adversary Cycle series of books that links up nicely with the Repairman Jack series. If you are a reader of books – I utterly and completely endorse reading these books (please start with The Keep). Not to give away any plot points but the main antagonist to Jack (and the world) is named Rasalom and Mr Wilson does a brilliant job of weaving anagrams of that name and others into his works.
So with this bit of background, you now know where I got the anagram bug lodged in my brain from decades ago. Working with a small word really limits your possibilities but that is part of the fun/challenge. After a few minutes, I didn’t really come up with any legit four letter words from HOPE but I did come up with POEH.

For those of you with furrowed brow let me explain. A poem is verses of words to create a theme or to generally describe something (perhaps an idea). Usually a poem can be deciphered and interpreted. However, for those times when the writer did not do a very clear job of boiling his verses down and we are left puzzled by what the poem means; then we need to create the new word: poeh (poem-eh?). I think this will catch on like wildfire especially for those who sit down to write (in Colorado for example) after a few puffs of a medicinal inhalant. I’m sure there is a form to submit somewhere to petition for this (adding a word, not getting some medical marijuana) or maybe just an email to the people at Urban Dictionary but I’m sure this should be a slam dunk.

So as you sit in traffic or the doctor’s office, look around for words that you can anagramize for your own amusement. This PSA was brought to you by day dreaming and the National Coalition for Adult Napping (NCAN).
Have a great rest of your Monday and perhaps the rest of the week if you feel lucky.



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