Silly Stats – St Louis Sports Edition

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY! Sorry I am CAP-SHOUTING for those that may have drank too much last night in celebration mode.

From time to time I reach out and wiggle the branches on the silly tree. Today is one such day, lucky for you. So I have long theorized that the universe requires balance and is a meanie head. I think the Chicago Cubs fans and the fans of Cleveland sports would probably subscribe to this thought process.

So last night in St Louis sports action, the St Louis Blues were defeated in overtime in their playoff hockey contest. The team that caused them to lose the game: The St Louis Cardinals. (Sound of someone pulling a needle off the record). I repeat the team that caused the St Louis Blues to lose was the St Louis Cardinals not the Dallas Stars. You may be scratching your head or scrolling through videos on Google to see some game action you may have missed on this inter-sport occurrence. Please refer to the attached spreadsheet.
OK if you have reviewed the data you will see the won-loss information for the dates that the Blues played and the corresponding results for my Cleveland Indians and the St Louis Cardinals. Some of you are asking why I have included the Cleveland Indians in this cosmic conspiracy theory of mine? Well because I am a fan of my heart-break kids from the Cuyahoga. I am sure there is probably another spoke on this wheel but I am too close to see what it could be so I will use this three team angle to make my point.
On game days for the St Louis Blues in the playoffs, the St Louis Blues have won 6 games and lost 5 games. On these 11 game days, the three teams (Blues, Cardinals, Indians) have all won 0 times together. The most combined wins per day on these game days for the Blues, Indians and Cardinals is two. At a closer look, on these game days when the Indians play/and win the St Louis Blues record on those days is 3 wins and 3 losses. On these game days when the Cardinals play/and win the St Louis Blues record on those days is 1 win and 3 losses. On days when both the Indians and Cardinals win the Blues are 0 wins and 2 losses. On days when the Cardinals play/and lose the Blues record is 5 wins and 1 loss. On days when the Indians play/and lose the Blues record is 3 wins and 2 losses. On days when the Cardinals have an OFF day and do not play, the Blues record is 0 wins and 1 loss. So mostly the Indians data here is inconclusive but the Cardinals data is compelling.
So based on this random data, I would guess the Blues are due for a win on May 7th as the Indians are playing the Kansas City Royals and the Cardinals are playing the Pittsburgh Pirates. Both of those opponents could spell losses for the Indians and Cardinals, which in turn is a high percentage in favor of a Blues win. What makes this a bit tricky is the Blues next game is an early time slot. So if the Cardinals want to just forfeit their afternoon game to ensure the Blues have the best chance of winning their game, hey, to the greater good here St Louis Fans! What is more important in May: a meaningless Cardinals win or a crucial Blues playoff game win? Your call. By the way (BTW) you can tweet in Mike Matheny’s ear (@mikematheny22) what a good deed he would be doing for the whole city of St Louis to employ this strategy. Nothing is larger in sports than the superstitions. Just Saying.
In case you couldn’t tell I am a big numbers geek. Numbers or stats, like carefully chosen bible verses, can make a case for just about any argument you want to make. Send up a pinch hitter to face a pitcher. The pinch hitter is 1 for 11 with 10 strikeouts and 1 homerun against this pitcher. So the stat to lean on here is the hitter is 1 for 1 with a homerun on batted balls in play against this pitcher…totally bypassing the gross ineffectuality the rest of the time.
For those looking for my Thursday Podcast, it is up on the Podbean site. Enjoy and sorry about the cursing!  (PODBEAN PODCAST – SCOTTLATTA)
Have a great Friday the 6th which is always a precursor to Friday the 13th! (and also Friday the 20th and Friday the 27th of lesser ominousness).



See the stats for the rest of the St Louis Blues Playoff run below. Note: True to form, there was no day on which the Cardinals, Indians and Blues all won.


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