All the Single Ladies…

Cause if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it
Don’t be mad once you see that he want it
If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it
OK anyone who knows me knows I do not particularly care for Beyonce. It’s nothing personal. Just do not care for her as an artist nor do I think she is anything special as a sex symbol. Just not my cup of lemonade. Also anyone who knows me, knows I abhor tea. Can’t even stand the smell of it or coffee for that matter. Yuck.
Alright back to these dumb ass lyrics. Unless you are talking about a Friends With Benefits ring, the notion of giving someone a ring because you ‘liked it’ is stupid and shallow and another reason for me to dislike her as a performer. Not even going to mention that this is bad advice for single ladies to listen to in my opinion (oops I guess I mentioned it). The ring she is making reference to is obviously a wedding ring. In case she hadn’t noticed, many marriages in this country fail everyday. In most of those instances those people promised to love each other forever. So to gyrate and sort of sing lyrics that suggest because he liked something about you: your smile, your butt, your math skills, the way you baby talk your pet, your grasp of the political system, some things you do well while inebriated, your comedic impression of Ellen Degeneres or something else from a subjective checklist that the person likes about you – that he needs to lock you up to a ‘lifetime’ contract on the off chance he might get a little jealous when another guy is dancing up on you – is Ludacris.
Am I going overboard here? Maybe. I plead the ninth amendment to the constitution in regards to that. Ha. You thought I was going say the fifth amendment didn’t ya? Now you have to Google the ninth and see what in the blue blazes I am talking about. Whether this invocation is the correct reference or not, be assured I am not dogging Beyonce for no good reason. I have a good reason. I don’t like her music and that is good enough for me!

So if you “Love It” then you should consider putting a ring on it – unless prohibited by law. Tomorrow is the fabled Friday the 13th. All you horror buffs I’m sure are geeked up and getting the (hopefully) fake blood to smear all over yourselves when you add your massacred pics to your Snapchat story. Kudos for finding something to embrace.
Have a splendid time and good day to you. Peace.

USA Constitution Parchment

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