Blowing people off

Welcome to the blog of maybe your favorite virtual writer who has a total five letter T’s in his three names.

Do you ever enter into a conversation with someone and just abruptly, it stops and you don’t hear from the person for awhile? I don’t mean like 15 minutes or an hour, I mean like a day goes by or a week and then the other person is like, hey what’s going on? I get it that every one in today’s society is super busy and things come up. But it seems like there are some people (that I know) who habitually just blow people off.

Me: Hey wanna get together later?
Friend: Sure. Text me in an hour.
Me: (Promptly an hour later) So you still want to do something?
Friend: (No response)

(Four days later)
Friend: Hey.
Me: So what happened to you the other day?
Friend: Oh I fell asleep.
Me: For four days…?
Friend: Lol

I guess it is what it is. Obviously not the end of the world but when some of those friends are all Gungho for something and you do not text them back within 2 minutes…they hop on down friend street to find someone else to entertain them.

I am not wired that way I guess. If I am interacting with someone for awhile and there needs to be a break to go complete a task, keep an appointment or just let the other person sleep there are polite social cues to drop in. For instance, well it’s getting late I should let you sleep or I have to run to softball and will talk to you later or just a simple I have to jump off here and talk to you later. Any of these are a little more gentle than just willfully ignoring someone for days until you feel like interacting with them. In addition to being busy, I understand sudden things do occur and you may not be able to respond to an IM or a text. If someone I am texting with gets hit by an asteroid or is trapped in an avalanche, there is some slack to be extended there.

OK I think that is probably enough on the subject but I just wanted to air it out there. If you ask me a question or we are communicating you can expect a response within a reasonable amount of time. Now the response may be goofy or lead to a different course of conversation but I will try to never blow anyone off…unless they are a sucky human being.  🙂

Have a great weekend and come back often for new topics or just go back over the hundreds of posts I have for something you may enjoy.


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