Follow Me

How did you get here? Did you follow me? Was it Facebook? Google? Bookmarked browser? Twitter? Tumblr? Did you come back from the future after seeing me wearing a t-shirt that said:


I’m hoping it was the t-shirt and not the thong underwear I had made for myself. But either way, kudos on the successful time travel dealio.

Regardless of how you ultimately arrived here, the question now shifts: What are you looking to find here? My personal contact information? My BMI score? Cool videos and images to steal and pass off as your own? A tutorial on developing a thick German accent? The secret formula for Coca Cola? Tips on how to launch your own version of Craigslist? What? What do you want? Tell me!

As I wait for an influx of requests/demands, let’s all hum the Star Spangled Banner.

Wow, someone really is off rhythm…oh wait…that’s probably me.

Now I will step aside but here is a shameless plug to say Follow Me on my social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Podbean, Tumblr and of course this splendid, stupendous, amazingly insightful blog!

Monday bliss to everyone! Peace.


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