Banana Split

OK so here we are in the year 2016. There are what seven Star Wars movies (officially)? The Chicago Cubs are baseball’s best team (by won-loss record). Heath Ledger played a gay cowboy and also arguably the best Joker (from the Batman movies) of all-time. A pothead swimmer is an Olympic hero for the United States. Most kids today treat their parents like dirt without repercussions due to societal fear of being deemed a child abuser. And I have never had a banana split ice cream dessert. How is all this possible? It boggles the mind!
I cannot speak to most of the things in this above paragraph as they make no sense to me, but the banana split item goes like this: I have never ordered one or have had someone purchase one for me or have someone in my presence order one and offer me a bite, thus I’ve never had one. Crazy huh?
So as the other universal marvels unfold or existing apps are brought to light that accomplish the unthinkable, let’s deeply ponder on it! OK I give up. The YouTube Weird Al Yankovic playlist is keeping me entertained so I don’t really care.
Peace it up!!

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