People Watching and tangents

For the novices here who may not be familiar with my hi-jinx, I sometimes have a non-linear stream of thoughts that will have you 90 seconds later asking, “How did we get on the subject of talking about an engineered device that would allow a bear in captivity to zip-line across its environment again? Or why are you so curious about the exact figures globally of how many deaths since World War II have been directly attributed to sour cream in any capacity?”
Things just happen in my brain, (we) just deal with it and move on. Question: For those who put salt and pepper on their food…which one do you put on first? Personally I use these spices and leave it to fate to decide. If the salt is closer, it is up first. If the pepper is closer, so be it. Now you may be asking, what does salt and pepper have to do with the clear-coating layers they put on new cars? Honestly, I don’t think there is a connection but if you have some differing information, I’m all ears.
Anyway…this morning I walked into the lobby at work after stretching my patience to the very max once again by driving along highway 270 from South County to Earth City during the 8 o’clock hour. To anyone who does not have to drive on 270, first off I hate you, and second you are very fortunate…and I hate you again. Today is Thursday. The amount of accidents and police activity I have seen this week (on 270) is enough to make a sane person walk into a bar, order 80 shots of Jager and down them all with warm tap water chasers in between each. Also by the way, each shot of Jager (depending on size) is somewhere between 100-150 calories each. Oh the madness.
Now back to my initial presence in the lobby this morning. I walked in using the rear entrance with my laptop bag in hand like most of the employees of my company do each day. Entering from the front entrance, I spied a lady wearing a DuckTales t-shirt, dark yoga pants and coral-colored flip flops. Yes I said coral and not some fruity color like salmon so just chill. I know the dress code is a bit lax these days so I did not even figuratively blink an eye at her choices (in the literal sense, I’m pretty sure I blinked a few times in that span of time). Miss DuckTales just reminded me of one of my favorite pastimes: People Watching.
The building I work in used to be filled to capacity (around 700 people) but through recent cutbacks and outsourcing that number is probably around 40 percent of that original number (or less). With the reduction in available candidates to view and secretly judge, you have to be a bit more observant with the opportunities you have. There is nice suit guy with Afro whom I see at lunch frequently. There is really tall lady that I went to high school with a long time ago. There is clique of girls who coordinate their daily outfits. There is guy who appears to wear the same clothes every day (literally every single day: same pants, same shirt and same athletic shoes). There are the cafeteria ladies who laugh at me while I goofy dance in line waiting for my mushroom omelet and bacon. There is Brenda the custodial lady who just recently got married in Vegas. She is very polite when I complain about how nasty the men’s room is with urine, hair and fecal matter on the floors and toilet seats. She is very polite about my complaints considering it is her job to clean that stuff up.
Caught up in all this, I wondered: What is the origin…of the word lobby? Turns out it comes from Medieval Latin (mid 16th century) lobia meaning covered walk. Up to that point in history, people just didn’t know what to call a lobby. Also the origin of Hobby Lobby started in the 1970’s in an Oklahoma City garage of David and Barbara Green. Fascinating.
Now some of you are maybe asking to yourself or aloud if you read aloud instead of to yourself: So we know about the DuckTales lady but what are you wearing Scott? OK it’s a little creepy that you are asking me what I’m wearing but I’ll allow it. Picture me walking towards you in slow-motion with a brilliant glow of sunburst behind me…and that did not happen. I walked in hurriedly, black canvas laptop bag dangling from my right hand. Nondescript dull black dress shoes on my feet, partially covered by the cuffs of my dark-wash jeans. I’m actually wearing a belt today to try to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions so I do look a bit nicer than usual. Covering my incredibly average, non-muscular chest is a pale bluish-green polo shirt with minimal wrinkles from the seat belt crossing area. I wanted to wear a big straw hat or a retro headband like John McEnroe wore back in the day but due to my not having those items, I chose not to wear either.
Just so I do not forget, I am writing on my left ring finger to remember to record my podcast this afternoon once I hit traffic alley again. Normally I knock that out in the mornings on Thursday but today I forgot. Perhaps today will be the day that my podcast is awesome (available on the Podbean app) and causes millions of random strangers to PayPal me three dollars each so I can travel to exotic locales…and make my car payment.
For everyone who read and commented, texted, IM’d, called, etc about my Indian Ball blog piece, I humbly thank you. So far it is the second most popular piece I have written, just behind my post about NPC competitor Amy Battles and just ahead of my piece on EN-ER-GY DRINKS! Writing is a passion of mine that almost rivals my softball obsession. With softball season winding down for the year, I look to ramp up my writing frequency in various formats. Fingers crossed my laziness doesn’t clamp down on me like a bear trap on a clueless Pokemon Go wanderer.
Merry Thursday to all, and to all a good day!


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