All just a dream…?

Good <<insert present time-frame of day here>>. Hope your <<present time-frame>> is going well.

As I was driving into work this morning, my mind was wandering as I crunched along in the fast lane of 270 northbound traffic. Do you ever look back on your life and some of your choices and wonder what you were thinking? Some of the things you did or said just seem surreal and not like the majority of your actions or thoughts. Perhaps those things are not your fault. What am I talking about?

Over the course of time on this earth since humankind has developed his/her imagination, it has often been a philosophical point to question: are we really here? Obviously someone or multiple someones have to exist in order to have someone daydreaming or sleep dreaming or just imagining. But what if…you did not exist? Huh you say. What if your entire life was just a rich imagining in someone else’ cranium? Daily episodes of your life by someone manipulating your every move and fabricating your thoughts and emotions? I hear you scoffing. Who has that kind of time? How about someone in a constant vegetative state? There have been countless stories and movies with their particular take on this concept…heck, an entire season of the drama series Dallas decades ago took this premise and ran with it. If this is the case, for some people I feel sad that their imagination host doesn’t have a more interesting take on their lives. Kind of makes you want to take a rock hammer to the walls of their skull in order to set yourself free some days.

So if you feel like you may be trapped in someone else’s dream and cannot wake them, send me an email or a tweet and I shall try to help you out. I will do this free of charge unless it interferes with my softball time.

May your day/night be satisfying and leading you down a good path of good fingernail health.


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