So as I surround myself with my life’s possessions all in boxes, it becomes a little depressing. The swirling dust bunnies do little to console me. I H-A-T-E moving. There are things on this planet that I hate more…but moving I consider right up there with getting a rectal exam from a large-fisted man with knuckle callouses that keep ripping his latex gloves.

Despite my best efforts over the last twenty plus years, I have zero total Powerball jackpot prizes to my credit. I do have a collection of clothes and miscellaneous crap that any twenty-two year old would think is pretty nifty. But for myself, it is just sad and depressing.

So as I move from South County to the spacious northwestness of St Charles, I am hoping that some good juju follows me and perhaps some better games of chance luck.

Happy Hump Day!


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