Indians In, Cardinals Out

The last time the Cleveland Indians were in the MLB postseason and the St Louis Cardinals were not…was in 2007. Nine years ago. In the bulk of recent years, the Cardinals have been in the postseason. In those nine years all the Indians had to show on their postseason resume was a wildcard play-in game in 2013 that they promptly played themselves out of against Tampa Bay.
So in this years edition of the playoffs the Indians will be matched up against a team that knocked them out of their last legit playoff run – the Boston Red Sox. In 2007 the Indians defeated the New York Yankees in the first round three games to one. Then in the first four games of the series versus the Red Sox, they built a three games to one lead…only to crumble against Josh Beckett and Terry Francona.
What a difference nine years can make. The manager for the team that knocked the Indians out of the playoffs and held the line with his team (the Red Sox) on the cusp of elimination: Terry Francona. The manager for The Tribe this year…is now Terry Francona. It may be too much to hope for to take this scrappy, rag-tag bunch through 11 more wins this October but you know I will be hoping and offering sacrifices to the dark lord to make this happen. Yes I am talking about a Sith Lord. Shoot electricity out of your fingers or your bum, I don’t care which! We must defeat the enemies of The Tribe! Cleveland could bring balance to Major League Baseball. Win they can, easy it will not be. Yes master Yoda. Sixty-eight years is a long time. That is the calendar time that Indians fans have collectively waited to see a (baseball) championship return to the shores of Lake Erie.
Yes I am aware that the traitor LeBron brought a basketball championship to Cleveland a handful of months ago. But basketball is not the same as baseball. Admittedly I have not been a huge fan of basketball since MJ23 (Michael Jordan #23) retired but I have followed KG5 (Kevin Garnett #5) when he played for the Boston Celtics hoping he would get a championship ring. It’s a little ironic I would root for a Boston-based team to win a championship less than one year after one of their franchises bumped my Indians from the playoffs…but I did. My support and cosmic juju brought the Boston Celtics, along with Kevin Garnett, to the winner’s circle to hoist the NBA Championship. The Celtics run as NBA Champions only lasted that one season and within a few more years the team was broken up. KG went on to play for teams that had no realistic shot to win it all over the next eight years. Eventually KG ended up back with the team he started his career with, the Minnesota Timberwolves, and retired this year. So again I am left really not caring who does what in basketball. LeBron’s accomplishment is nice but really doesn’t mean much to me. It is a World Series title or bust this year and every year for The Tribe.
The division series starts this week and it is a best of five format. First team to win three of the five games, wins the series. If you run into me this week and I am stumbling more than usual, it is probably because it is hard to walk with my toes crossed!


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