Childhood and Playing Games (Board, not Bored)

Evening gents and gentle ladies.

With Christmas slipping farther into the review mirror, I think it’s high time we start turning our attention to softball! Just kidding, although that time will be here sooner than we think.

With all the wrappings unwrapped and the hoard of prizes claimed from Santa (or other good-natured giving souls), some of us might see some gifts in the form of games of the non-electronic versions. Whether we be talking about Clue or Monopoly or Stratego or The Game of Life or what have you; board games are a great bonding experience between friends and family with the exception of Monopoly. Monopoly seems to forge a hard divide between some players who do not like the shrewd tactics employed by those who would be dominant kings and queens! But I digress…


Growing up in the latter part of the 1970’s and early 1980’s, one of my fondest memories was playing a particular board game with my mom. This vintage game had dice and your player pieces were simple marbles. But what made this game fun and interesting (at least for me) was the formed plastic game board depicting mountains winding along the Billionaire River. On the game board, you trekked through the mountains and down into Death Valley. Your ‘moves’ were measured by the numbers on the dice and in turn, small recessed circles were part of the plastic molded terrain. The marbles would either rest in these recessed circles or slide along them depending upon the more treacherous terrain and pitfalls you were navigating through. My favorite part of the game was near the end. At the very end was a spot that was labeled Uranium Strike with an indented “winner’s” circle. But directly before this circle of winning was three slide spots. If your roll landed you on/in one of these…you would slide into Dead Man Gulch (oh no, your marble died!!). If this happened you had to take another marble and begin your quest for a Uranium Strike anew. If you exhausted all four of your marbles, then you were dead and out of the game. The name of the game was Billionaire (Strike) and it was originally manufactured in 1956. My mom would have been 8 years old when the game first came out. Talk about a time far, far away…



Now many of you are probably not impressed and that is OK. In addition to actually playing the game, I would take my tiny plastic dinosaurs and Star Wars figurines and develop pretend sagas of my own. Back in the day there was a show called Land of the Lost on regular TV. The Marshall family somehow got trapped back in time when there were dinosaurs and Sleestaks – which were odd lizard-like people. There was a board game for this as well but my family did not own it. So I improvised and made my own Land of the Lost game with dinos and the Star Wars people who were there instead of the Marshall family members. I had Luke, Han, Leia and Chewbacca. Somehow Darth Vader was controlling the dinosaurs and trying to get them to eat the ‘good guys’ – go figure.


I just found it amusing that seeing young Ayden’s new variety of board game choices made me take a trip down memory lane. Maybe you have a fond recollection of a particular game in your youth…perhaps not…but it’s just funny what associations can jog your memory of something that may not have happened for years and years gone by.  Many times the event or scenario you recall may not even be all that dynamic but for whatever reason that memory or set of memories stands out and it’s almost like you are that kid again. Can I get a Fruit Roll-Up please?


Oh well, in about five hours it will be time to adult some more, so I best be wrapping things up and trying to get a couple of hours of sleep. If this is read within 2016, I wish you luck in the coming year (2017). If this item finds you after midnight on December 31, 2016…may your year still be prosperous (not preposterous) and may all the really cool remaining Hollywood types not perish as they did in droves in 2016.

Much good juju to you and yours.


P.S. I know some of you may know the other incarnations of the Land of the Lost TV series as I think there was three different ones. The one I was using for reference in this piece ran from 1974 until 1977. Have a decent day!


Star Wars and the oddities

Good day and may the silliness be with you.
Today the world lost The First Lady of Sci-Fi in Carrie Fisher. Princess Leia as she was known to our home planet has gone the way of Alderaan. She was here one minute and then the next it was as if a million voices cried out and then were silenced. Perhaps she has been reunited with the original Obi Wan Kenobi actor Alec Guinness who became one with The Force back in the year 2000. To my knowledge most of the core characters are still amongst the living unless you count Sebastian Shaw who passed in 1994…even though his role was shoe-horned in to make Darth Vader a three-headed monster counting the man who voiced him and the man who gave him his mannerisms.
Maybe in the new films we will see some form of Isla Fisher but that may just be wishful thinking on my part. Now if some of you are reading this with trepidation that I may reveal some spoilers from the 8th movie…you can relax. I have not seen Rogue One as of yet so I am oblivious to the plot points. What I did want to do is give some Hmmmm thoughts. Because I am a goofball and tend to let my mind cross over the median instead of following that galactic two-lane hyper highway to wherever, let’s begin…
Darth Vader is easily the most recognizable character of the triple trilogy. His evil legacy is the stuff of   only the most elite legends. Whether you love him or hate him or (gulp) identify with him – he has some challenges of his own. For starters, look at his suit. How does the man drop a deuce? Is there a concealed back hatch like in the old-fashion long underwear where he can unlatch a couple of screws and a section swings up or out to the side to allow the excretion of excrement? And does he have natural free and easy bowel movements or does he have to ‘use the force’ to make his poo? If anyone is a candidate for IBS, I would think Lord Vader would be at the top of the list. The stresses of running an empire with an overbearing superior and grossly incompetent underlings that you literally want to strangle would be almost too much to bear. I can almost guarantee that he has to take some sort of fiber supplement to avoid being viciously irregular. As an amusing thought, how about when Darth crop dusts the control room? Come now, that has to smell like the very essence of the Dagobah swamps. Wooweee!
OK we will let the air clear on Anakin Skywalker’s alter ego and move on to give Chewbacca some love. Not literally though, kind of like on screen. How come all the main characters have moved on to make families of their own but Chewie is still flying solo in Wookieeville? The tall and silent type…you would think he would have a whole harem of Wookiee ladies vying for his furry affections. Unless…maybe there is something that he hides from the cameras. Maybe Chewie is so deep-rooted with vices that he cannot connect to another Wookiee. Perhaps Chewie has an anti-fur fetish and only takes hairless Wookiee ladies back to his privates quarters if you catch my drift. Sadly he could be caught up in a Sam Malone syndrome where he lusts for the hairless cat-like lady Wookiees only to become bored with them and casts them aside without being able to make any emotional connection. If only we could get an extra long therapist’s couch and a Kashyyyk translator to get to the bottom of this walking carpet’s psyche.

Now I may have ruffled some of the feathers of the terminally diehard fans who know that fictitious world better than they know their own. I could throw out that the planet Tatooine is a cold and ice covered planet but immediately a virtual hand would be held up. I would be chastised for confusing Tatooine with the ice planet Hoth. For this unforgivable transgression, I should be submerged in steaming Tauntaun guts. For of course Tatooine is a hot and waste-like desert planet and the complete opposite of the Hoth planet.
So to avoid exposing my surface knowledge of the movies without knowing the six degrees of Kevin Bacon facts about everything Star Wars, I will stick to being a goofball. I will point out that Star Wars is anti-family unit. Anakin doesn’t know who his dad is. His mom let’s him run off with complete strangers, granted it is to avoid being a slave but still. Luke hates his father and ultimately kills him. Kylo Ren and his daddy do not have a happy ending relationship. Just throwing this out there in case it escaped the viewers wanting to take their sons to go see these movies.
With these movies set in the future and in space, you have to wonder: how is the WiFi up there? I know If I get more than 15 feet away from the house and the WiFi signal goes to Hell. So of all these transmissions through countless miles, how many messages actually are received? What happens to the ships if they run out of fuel or solar energy or whatever they run on? Do they just sit out there and hope someone gets their distress signal and that they don’t get plowed by someone whooshing along in hyper-space?
On the topic of technology, how about those thousands of identical looking stormtroopers and the equally identical looking TIE fighters? How the Hell do you staff a ship with all these guys who look the same? How do they remember where they parked? How would you develop any interpersonal relationships when everyone looks exactly the same? Where are the lady stormtroopers while we are at it? Their uniforms would have to be tailored a little differently to accommodate their ladyness obviously but let’s not be sexist here. Women can fly and fight too. Just random things I think about that maybe no one has dared to think about because George Lucas and Co are like unto Gods when it comes to this story and continuing saga.
Just some things to ponder my friends as some of you venture into the theaters (some again and again) to view unfolding stories and backstories. This may not have been the blog you were looking for in regards to ultimate knowledge on the Star Wars universe but…may the enjoyment be with you.
Interstellar peace.

Sports Stalkers

Today is Sunday (Christmas Day) and normally I would be prepping for a Sunday night podcast episode  (on the Podbean app) with my softball buddy Jeremy in his sports dungeon (finished basement). But as it is Christmas, it is a time to spend with your families so we will do the fourth installment of the podcast on another day. Our third episode was this past Wednesday (Hump Daaaaay!) as a two man show. Our first show was a two-man production and we brought in fellow softballer Dustin for the second show to run the ‘board’ and queue up stats, videos, sounds bytes, etc.


However, due to Mother Nature imposing her will on the atmosphere our third show was postponed from last Sunday night until this past Wednesday. Dustin was unable to be in attendance as daddy duty called and we here at Sports Stalkers completely support that position. Jeremy has his two sons and I often am left in charge of young Ayden so we completely understand and respect the need to be absent. He will however be fined for missing work and/or be subject to ridicule for being a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

So as A New Nightmare (Freddy) plays in the background (very Christmassy I know), I am thinking of ideas for the next show. In the present format we speak our thoughts on baseball which predominantly revolves around the St Louis Cardinals. Here and there I interject footnotes pertaining to my reigning American League Champion Cleveland Indians and maybe a scrap or two about significant other moves of the other 28 teams but mostly it’s Cardinals Talk. From there we randomly piece together some football notes and then another large segment is dedicated to the St Louis Blues hockey team. Notice I did not say a hockey segment because in reality we focus 98 percent on the Blues and casual mentions of the teams they play…and take potshots at the Detroit Red Wings or how close the Blues are to the first place Chicago Blackhawks.

If you haven’t listened to the show yet, please check it out and let me know your thoughts. We generally are looking to record one show per week as time allows. Each show will generally be around 90 minutes but the first one was nearly two hours. Once softball season approaches (April) it will be intriguing to see if we can maintain the pace and keep our listeners interested. Only time will tell.

In addition to the podcast on Podbean (Sports Stalkers), you can find us on Twitter (@STLSportsstalk) and Facebook (Sports Stalkers). Obviously Jeremy and I have our own social media accounts too.

In closing, I would like to take this chance to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my dedicated readers. Hope you and yours stay safe, warm and prosperous in the coming months with many furry companions!   🙂

Have a great Sunday (Christmas) and peace!

Christmas Lego Blog

Good morning all readers!

Howdy. Hope Santa or Sinatra’s ghost left you with gifts or gift cards that you will enjoy.

If you hear my stomach grumbling it is probably because it is around noon and I only had toast earlier.

Presently I sit at ground zero for present opening. There is a plethora of Star Wars wrapping paper strewn about and an almost equal amount of Star Wars items: posters, alarms clocks, wall hangings and of course Lego Star Wars ships to go with Star Wars figurines. Now we are watching The Lego Movie where Will Ferrell’s character just brandished an Xacto knife to threaten Emmett.

Now let me pause and say for the record, I dislike the Lego shows and movies. I do not hate them or want to rant about them. I just dislike them and do not get the Lego animation craze. I understand it is geared towards kids but it limits the stories and animations. Granted the humor is still quasi-targeted at kids and adults but the Lego people ruin it for me. PSA over.

Once again Santa did visit me and left some gifts – not as many as he left young Ayden but still I got mine. Tomorrow is Monday…but that is inconsequential today. Today is Sunday The Christmas Day! Jesus and Frosty can share the front lawn in harmony in our neighborhood (cuz they actually do). Soon the after Christmas sales will commence and a zillion gift cards will be exhausted in short order but as for today, you can look around and enjoy the moment. Family, friends, food and overflowing trash cans. Tis the season and let the countdown to NEXT Christmas benign…er, begin!

Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Will Ferrell Face! Aaaahhhhh!

Sorry still watching the Lego Movie.

Make your list, check it twice and let’s take a trip to the toy/game store!

If you got plain white socks today…bammo…that is the equivalent to getting coal in your stocking so perhaps you should revamp your behavior for next year. Just saying.

Have a great day. Peace…on Earth…yar! Pirates be likin Christmas too!

Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas Shopping


Good day and silent night.

Today is one week out from the Christmas holiday. If you celebrate one of the other festive days or sequence of days during this time of year, may you and yours enjoy those as well. I just choose to celebrate the Christmas holiday based on upbringing and my affinity for the assorted Christmas Carols that have been in rotation on two of the local radio stations for a multitude of weeks now.

As I sit here typing to you, the temperatures outside rest in the single digits. My loathing of said colder temperatures is legendary and my whining about them also approaches a mythically absurd amount. But I digress…under several heavy blankets. Before my drowsiness overtakes me, let me expound on the subject within the context of the season:

Christmas shopping.

I sensed more than one person out there let out an audible groan. In years gone by I would have joined in on that chorus. Making a list, checking it twice, trying to find out who I need to buy for with Bob Cratchet’s budget without coming across as Ebenezer Scrooge. For the first time in many years I was able to embrace Christmas gift shopping. Granted I had a bit of a help from a couple of little birdies on what to get certain people but the majority of gifts I purchased came from previously noted items of interest or concepts that I thought the friends and loved ones might like. Where did this revitalized zeal for Christmas come from? Who can say. My budget for the givables was not much more than it has been in the past but that didn’t matter. For whatever reason, I was more than mildly excited to try to get gifts that would be either practical or genuinely desired. In years past I dreaded trying to come up with ideas not only for the financial constraints but because I felt uncertain on what anyone would like to receive. Consequently I felt like I would fail and be anticipating that I would able to read the disappointment on their faces when the wrapping paper was torn away or the gift bag had fallen away. So much failure in years past and the silent dwelling upon it. Mentally feeling like a failure and doubting everything tends to bleed over into all areas, staining and ruining as it spreads.

Whether getting or giving, it really should be about the thought behind said gift. As the person receiving an item, you should take into consideration that the person took the time and resources to select something for you. How many people did not give you a gift or even think about something that they thought you could use or want? I bet that number is grossly overwhelming. So as long as someone thought to get me something that isn’t a pack of recycled chewing gum or toilet paper that was already used on at least one side – that is significant and just cause to feel appreciated. With this line of thinking flowing across my consciousness I invited Christmas in this year like a vampire from the HBO series True Blood. Maybe the Christmas vampires exist and one of them glamoured me along the way. Again who knows. For me it doesn’t matter. I am content in trying to make a small handful of people’s Christmas a little better with me in their world. Hopefully they feel the same. I will monitor my stocking’s contents in the coming days to see if any coal should materialize there. But I will keep my fingers crossed that Santa’s minions deem me worthy of a spot on the ‘Nice’ list or at least an honorable mention.


Dear Santa,

Thank you for cowboys boots I got when I was 11 or 12. This year I would like to ask for something a bit more abstract. With Christmas falling on the weekend, could you just send me a text or leave me a slip of paper with six numbers included. With the Powerball lottery drawing to follow on Wednesday, December 28th – just give me your best guess on what those numbers could be. I figure a guy who has been able to exist for hundreds of years without succumbing to heart disease despite the unhealthy physique and insane amount of cookies consumed on Christmas Eve must have a pretty good knack for pushing the envelope without becoming one of the ghosts of Christmas past. Also your track record of invading so many homes without setting off security systems, arousing guard dogs, catching yourself on fire from the chimney/fire place entry or delivering the wrong presents to the wrong house even though no one has a tighter time management window that you do – is beyond impressive. With your impeccable resume, I trust that you may be some sort of numbers wizard and your best guess of those drawing numbers is well worth a shot.

I do have a curiosity though. The naughty list. Not that I think you are a saint, although it would seem you have a very good case to be considered one, but what of the boys and girls deemed to be ‘naughty’ or unworthy? Besides giving them coal do you have any other indicators to show your displeasure with their substandard behavior? Maybe urinating the word ‘BAD’ on their roof? Dropping a deuce down the chimney to roast in place of the absent chestnuts? Putting corroded batteries inside of the TV remotes for the household? Just curious. I will not divulge any of your secrets but you can instant message me or Snapchat the answers and I promise not to screenshot your answers. Here’s to hoping Mrs Claus does all the fun and kinky stuff you like so you remain jolly all year long.

P.S. Are your reindeer immortal or is there like a next generation to ascend to your team to replace Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, etc?

Respectfully and completely believing in you — Scott




Good day and hello.

The definition of the word cadence is: a modulation or inflection of the voice; or a sequence of notes or chords comprising the close of a musical phrase.

Imagine your favorite Christmas Carol or just a kick arse Linkin Park song, but the rhythm is all wrong – way too slow or the hook of the chorus is just off. It kind of ruins the vibe for you and makes you long for the ‘correct’ version in your mind. It can be that way with life as well. Some of us like a certain routine or flow and when that groove is disturbed, it puts every single thing out of kilter.

Presently it is a mere ten days from Christmas here stateside and a little closer than that across the Atlantic Ocean. Some of us are finished with our Christmas shopping (for those who celebrate the holiday) and some are not. I am one of the have-not’s today. I am almost done but I still have a couple of special items to procure and I anticipate being able to complete that shopping here in the next handful of days. But in the meantime, I am seeking a comfortable life cadence.

Five weeks ago I began a new job and it has thrown off the cadence of my life. I feel slow and out of rhythm with a number of things. My creative process has suffered from an increased workload in actual work and the hours needed to perform that work. The share of time I previously poured into my blog, Twitter and Facebook – not to mention my personal podcast – has been sliced and diced. But I have managed to find a small outlet for my creativity as I have taken on a new project in the form of a sports podcast with a couple of softball friends called Sports Stalkers on the Podbean app. We sit around and discuss our points of view on topics pertaining to baseball, football, hockey and whatever else we feel like.

This Sunday (December 18th) will be our third episode. The first show on December 4th was fun and had some good points and some other segments that could’ve been a little better. The first podcast was piloted by just myself and Jeremy and received a fairly warm reception by friends and acquaintances alike. The second show Jeremy and I added his friend Dustin, whom apparently I played ball against quite a few times. Dustin was our technical guy ‘running the sound board’ for sound effects and chipping in with additional commentaries. What opportunities this could lead to, who knows, but for the time being I am enjoying it immensely. With this being the offseason from softball I have been able to re-allocate some of that time (I do still play indoor softball on Monday nights and most of the time watch Kristi play on Tuesdays) but the mental drain from the new job is making keeping up with my ambitions a bit of a challenge. But as long as I remember how to breathe, I think I shall try to find a way to meet these challenges and continue to bleed out my creative energies to those who enjoy reading and listening to them.

I apologize for not being in better mental fitness to crank out the same amount of Tweets, Facebook posts and blog posts. In this, I humbly beg your forgiveness and vow that I will ‘find my groove’ again.

As my inner child cracks a wide smile thinking of the many houses we drove by this evening that were decorated with external lights, wreaths and inflatable characters – I leave you with this: Tis the season. It tis the season to live, breathe, chase dreams and love deeply. Love your life, love your significant other, love your cats, love your dogs, love your memories…just find a way to love. Put aside a few moments each day to do this. Block out the stresses of work, financials, schedules and whatever may be missing in your mind or your soul. Allow yourself this secret and fragile indulgence. Do it for yourself and in turn this recharge of your heart could lead you to something better and better down the road. Pay if forward by starting with yourself.

Happy Holidays my friends. Thank you for your contributions to my life. I sincerely mean it. Thank you. Good tidings I wish to you and yours. Here’s to hoping we have a long road ahead to traverse together.


Sooooo tired…

Today I don’t feel like doing anything

I just wanna lay in my bed

Don’t feel like picking up my phone

So leave a message at the tone


For some reason these completely random thoughts, almost feel like a tune. A catchy doo-wop tune at that.

Anyway…for the record, Will Ferrell is quite believable as a zombie. A doofus zombie…but technically a zombie all the same. Yes I’m quasi-watching a bit of Daddy’s Home on Hulu while writing this piece. Even though Mr. Ferrell plays the same character in virtually every movie role of his career, I am finding this movie quite entertaining.

With a handful of hours until I have to get up and go to work again after only getting a handful of hours of sleep over the last couple of days, I am feeling the sneaky sleep ninjas closing in. Getting closer. My peripheral vision is fairly good but those sleep ninjas are equally as good and they keep eluding me. Yet I know they are there. I know this sounds a bit off or crazy or like a plot of a corny B movie but damn it, this gaggle of ninjas is real. Is it a gaggle? Maybe it’s a congress of ninjas? A pack of ninjas? That last one sounds a bit like a drug that you have to be over the age of 18 to smoke. Excuse me person behind the counter of this little mom and pop gas station, but can I get a pack of ninjas ultras? How many packs of ninjas in that carton? Is there a surgeon general’s warning about them too? Warning: Smoking ninjas can be hazardous to your health and can cause series after-birth defects in the person smoking them. I may be due for some extended sleep. With this said, I thank you for all the words that you have read that I wrote this year. Some of the words were repeated but I am pretty sure that very few of my sentences were replicated exactly from piece to piece.

If popcorn and tangerine juice were combined with a light vinaigrette over a dry mixture of Lucky Charms cereal and Cheetos, then what would be the average night time temperature on a typical porch in Scotland on the third night after a rain storm? Huh answer me that!

As Eminen would say, “Alright, just lose it…aaahhhhh aaaaahhh aaaahhhh”

And that my friends is what they call closure…

Good night. Peace. Peace. Peace. And non-flammable doves…

Tattoo Prejudice

Gooling tahge!

That I think means…nothing. I was just in the mood to switch things up and maybe make up a word or two. Not my best effort but for the time being, I’m willing to let the effort stand.

As my fingers fly across the keys, there is a fuzzy little snoring lump beside me. It’s not Sadie as she is at my home away from (Kristi’s) home but it’s Miss Candy – the pot-bellied tortoise-shell kitty. She was pouting a bit ago after she got chastised for chewing on one of the Christmas trees here. OK back to the topic…

As most of you know I recently started a new job. Within the physically housing of the building that my company is, there are of course people. New people. Well not exactly new as they were not recently spawned from nothingness into being but new to me – for the most part. Two of the people there I had worked with seven years ago at the sinking ship that was Sara Lee Foods. So those two were not really new to me but the rest are people I am completely unfamiliar with and thus the need to learn things about them like their names and such. One of my co-worker ladies trained me on the systems and procedures I would be expected to deal with on an daily/hourly basis. In the course of training, we made small talk and shared things about our lives.

On my first day I was wearing a short sleeve polo shirt that partially revealed my newest (arm) tattoo. She asked to see it and I pulled up my sleeve to show the healing color totem pole of skulls. My co-worker, will will call her Miss Stew, mentioned that she had a tattoo on the back of her neck that represents herself and her two children. Anyway…we get to talking about tattoo artists we like and our experiences. I tell her about Matt Hodel and the three pieces he has done for me. She begins to tell me about an experience with a small shop over in Columbia, Illinois…cue the dramatic horror music.

Some of you reading this are inked and understand what drives a person to have another human literally needle you for hours with an image or words that will be with you probably for the rest of your life. Some of you are un-inked but may be intrigued by the notion of tattoos and some of you are devoid of body art and cannot understand what possesses someone to want ‘to do that to your body’. Regardless of what category you may place yourself in, chances are you know a person or several people who have tattoos. I have long admired the concept of body art but have even longer been of the wussy nature. Truth be told, I whine for days after a sunburn for crying out loud.

So she begins telling me about a time she went to this small shop in Columbia and the guys (yes, it was only dudes) in the shop started giving her strange looks and one of them actually made a reference to her looking like a soccer mom. This spawned a discussion between us about how most tattooed people get stereo-typed by people who don’t have tattoos. In my brain, for this to happen in reverse was a bit stunning. You would think that the representatives of that artistic lifestyle would be a bit more tolerant and open-minded if for no other reason than how often they are misunderstood themselves. Like I said, I was a bit taken aback by this personal experience of hers. Needless to say, after the rude treatment she received, she left their shop without getting inked there and I don’t blame her one bit. Getting tattooed, no matter what part of the body, by someone is placing a measure of trust in that person. If you already feel they do not respect you as a person then I do not know how you would have confidence in them nor want to patronize their business.

She told me that she did place a call to the owner of the shop to relay her experience and told him she would never set foot in his place of business again after such treatment and since most places like his operate on word of mouth, she wouldn’t send any of her friends there (in future).

In today’s world things change so quickly and you never know from a networking standpoint what will turn out to benefit you. In the business (or softball) world, even small business or especially small business, you need many things to go right for you because it seems at most of the turns there are dead ends and setbacks. In mentally going over Miss Stew’s negative experience, (that could have easily been avoided mostly by the dude keeping his mouth shut) what did those careless words cost the owner and tattoo artists of that shop? Maybe Miss Stew could’ve been a life long customer and had big pieces like a sleeve or two done. With a good experience, maybe she could’ve directed a couple of friends there as well and then they refer a couple of friends each and so on and so forth. But instead some dude thought he would be judgmental and short-sighted and poof…that potential is gone forever.

I tend to think practically most days about networking and potential; softball has really taught me this. In all the world, you just never know what opportunities may come forth each day. You can either be a glass half-full or glass half-empty kind of mind set. I don’t know if one is more successful that the other, but I like to think and hope that being upbeat will always pay off.

In closing, I would like to thank everyone who zips into my blog site and reads what I have to say. Some pieces I feel are stronger than others and others may just be a way to clean the mechanism in order that I can get to the better stuff that makes you want to come back again and again or invokes some sort or reaction or emotional chain reaction within you. If this piece didn’t make you want to give my a candy cane for my stocking, never fear, I shall try all the harder to come up with something that does.

Merry Hump Day to all and to all a good night!



December 2016


I’m back!

No seriously…it’s me!

Sorry for the siesta but I’ve been a little busy. When I do periodically sit down for an extended period of time to rest…I tend to be unconscious within the span of a handful of minutes. Teaching this old dog some new tricks in the workplace has taken its toll on me mentally. No it hasn’t made me any less goofy or unpredictable but it has depleted my internal stores of energy. It seems that working a job that you hate but can do the routine in your sleep leaves quite a bit of energy and creativity overflowing. So when you switch tracks and are actually challenged again, it takes a bit to work up your tolerance to (gulp) work.

So what has been going on in my universe? Well pull up an overgrown toad stool or roll a boulder over to your device connected to the World Wide Web and let me tell you.

In addition to the new job, which is actually going pretty well but is honestly the most complex work I’ve ever done in my life, I have been being a pseudo-parent and playing some indoor softball. When I am not at work or cheesing it up with Ayden, I sometimes get to play a little indoor softball on Monday nights or watch Kristi play on Tuesday nights. With the onset of late fall into rapidly approaching winter, I tend to get up when it is dark and drive home in the dark. That in itself is draining on a person. There should be some sunlight in a person’s life! (insert crying emoji face here) But this time of year only lasts what like a few months? I can probably stick it out…unless the bitter cold gets me. I think it is universally known that I despise the cold. If it weren’t for snow, I would see nothing redeeming about it.

On the social media front here lately I have been a bit M.I.A. as you may have noticed with my lack of blog posts. In addition, I have rarely been on my personal Twitter account or posted to Facebook very much. My personal podcasts have been a bit shorter and a bit farther apart.

Speaking of social media, I have embarked upon a special podcast project with my friend Jeremy Halbrook. We have created a free podcast called Sports Stalkers which is hosted on the Podbean site. The podcast is free and we can be found on Facebook and Twitter. Jeremy primarily handles the Facebook account and I am in charge of the Twitter account. Our first ‘show’ was last Sunday and timed out at about 112 minutes. We were shooting for about 90 minutes but the flow kept going so we kept going. It’s a fun little project and we hope to keep it going on a regular weekly basis. I’m not sure if it will lead to any other opportunities but it’s a fun time and I think it challenges us to try to show an intelligent side of us…at least in a sports context. Check us out if you get a chance.

OK well once again it is after midnight so I am going to kick back and maybe get some sleep. Have a great hump day my friends!