Good day and hello.

The definition of the word cadence is: a modulation or inflection of the voice; or a sequence of notes or chords comprising the close of a musical phrase.

Imagine your favorite Christmas Carol or just a kick arse Linkin Park song, but the rhythm is all wrong – way too slow or the hook of the chorus is just off. It kind of ruins the vibe for you and makes you long for the ‘correct’ version in your mind. It can be that way with life as well. Some of us like a certain routine or flow and when that groove is disturbed, it puts every single thing out of kilter.

Presently it is a mere ten days from Christmas here stateside and a little closer than that across the Atlantic Ocean. Some of us are finished with our Christmas shopping (for those who celebrate the holiday) and some are not. I am one of the have-not’s today. I am almost done but I still have a couple of special items to procure and I anticipate being able to complete that shopping here in the next handful of days. But in the meantime, I am seeking a comfortable life cadence.

Five weeks ago I began a new job and it has thrown off the cadence of my life. I feel slow and out of rhythm with a number of things. My creative process has suffered from an increased workload in actual work and the hours needed to perform that work. The share of time I previously poured into my blog, Twitter and Facebook – not to mention my personal podcast – has been sliced and diced. But I have managed to find a small outlet for my creativity as I have taken on a new project in the form of a sports podcast with a couple of softball friends called Sports Stalkers on the Podbean app. We sit around and discuss our points of view on topics pertaining to baseball, football, hockey and whatever else we feel like.

This Sunday (December 18th) will be our third episode. The first show on December 4th was fun and had some good points and some other segments that could’ve been a little better. The first podcast was piloted by just myself and Jeremy and received a fairly warm reception by friends and acquaintances alike. The second show Jeremy and I added his friend Dustin, whom apparently I played ball against quite a few times. Dustin was our technical guy ‘running the sound board’ for sound effects and chipping in with additional commentaries. What opportunities this could lead to, who knows, but for the time being I am enjoying it immensely. With this being the offseason from softball I have been able to re-allocate some of that time (I do still play indoor softball on Monday nights and most of the time watch Kristi play on Tuesdays) but the mental drain from the new job is making keeping up with my ambitions a bit of a challenge. But as long as I remember how to breathe, I think I shall try to find a way to meet these challenges and continue to bleed out my creative energies to those who enjoy reading and listening to them.

I apologize for not being in better mental fitness to crank out the same amount of Tweets, Facebook posts and blog posts. In this, I humbly beg your forgiveness and vow that I will ‘find my groove’ again.

As my inner child cracks a wide smile thinking of the many houses we drove by this evening that were decorated with external lights, wreaths and inflatable characters – I leave you with this: Tis the season. It tis the season to live, breathe, chase dreams and love deeply. Love your life, love your significant other, love your cats, love your dogs, love your memories…just find a way to love. Put aside a few moments each day to do this. Block out the stresses of work, financials, schedules and whatever may be missing in your mind or your soul. Allow yourself this secret and fragile indulgence. Do it for yourself and in turn this recharge of your heart could lead you to something better and better down the road. Pay if forward by starting with yourself.

Happy Holidays my friends. Thank you for your contributions to my life. I sincerely mean it. Thank you. Good tidings I wish to you and yours. Here’s to hoping we have a long road ahead to traverse together.


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