Sports Stalkers

Today is Sunday (Christmas Day) and normally I would be prepping for a Sunday night podcast episode  (on the Podbean app) with my softball buddy Jeremy in his sports dungeon (finished basement). But as it is Christmas, it is a time to spend with your families so we will do the fourth installment of the podcast on another day. Our third episode was this past Wednesday (Hump Daaaaay!) as a two man show. Our first show was a two-man production and we brought in fellow softballer Dustin for the second show to run the ‘board’ and queue up stats, videos, sounds bytes, etc.


However, due to Mother Nature imposing her will on the atmosphere our third show was postponed from last Sunday night until this past Wednesday. Dustin was unable to be in attendance as daddy duty called and we here at Sports Stalkers completely support that position. Jeremy has his two sons and I often am left in charge of young Ayden so we completely understand and respect the need to be absent. He will however be fined for missing work and/or be subject to ridicule for being a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

So as A New Nightmare (Freddy) plays in the background (very Christmassy I know), I am thinking of ideas for the next show. In the present format we speak our thoughts on baseball which predominantly revolves around the St Louis Cardinals. Here and there I interject footnotes pertaining to my reigning American League Champion Cleveland Indians and maybe a scrap or two about significant other moves of the other 28 teams but mostly it’s Cardinals Talk. From there we randomly piece together some football notes and then another large segment is dedicated to the St Louis Blues hockey team. Notice I did not say a hockey segment because in reality we focus 98 percent on the Blues and casual mentions of the teams they play…and take potshots at the Detroit Red Wings or how close the Blues are to the first place Chicago Blackhawks.

If you haven’t listened to the show yet, please check it out and let me know your thoughts. We generally are looking to record one show per week as time allows. Each show will generally be around 90 minutes but the first one was nearly two hours. Once softball season approaches (April) it will be intriguing to see if we can maintain the pace and keep our listeners interested. Only time will tell.

In addition to the podcast on Podbean (Sports Stalkers), you can find us on Twitter (@STLSportsstalk) and Facebook (Sports Stalkers). Obviously Jeremy and I have our own social media accounts too.

In closing, I would like to take this chance to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my dedicated readers. Hope you and yours stay safe, warm and prosperous in the coming months with many furry companions!   🙂

Have a great Sunday (Christmas) and peace!

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