Before the next ice age hits…


I know we do not have much time left. The end all be all of storms is headed this way and there is no amount of bread, milk and bananas that will allow us as a species to withstand the doom it must surely unleash.


I just wanted to thank everyone who has read my blog, Facebook page, Tumblr page and all the thousands of mindless tweets. If you have heard my voice in podcast format, then may that comfort you in the final hours we have left before the Earth is entombed in a sheath of ice that causes it to break out of it’s orbit and go careening every which way to another galaxy far, far away.


Or…maybe the professional weather guessers will be wrong yet again. Ooooh. I wonder if Vegas has betting odds on such frivolities? I bet they do… See what I did there? I think maybe I have been hanging around with my podcast partner Jeremy too much and that has awoken my inner reckless gambler.


Today is Thursday, January 12th in the year 2017. If the end does arrive, I hope all of the internet servers are preserved by the cold and the next incarnation of the human race or alien intelligence discovers my words many eons into the future and wonders…what the heck is this?


On the off chance that this is not the end of the path, have a great day and may your weekend not involve any extraneous traffic accidents.


Peace and warmth and love my friends.


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