Open Mind?

I don’t mind having someone tell me their opinion with the intention of hearing an opposing point of view (with an open mind). But if you are just someone who is looking to have everyone mindless agree with you, then, I am probably not the person to share your thoughts with at all. I’m not saying I’m right on every topic but chances are I may have come from a different family environment, a different level of income household or a totally different part of the country – and those things color everyone’s thought processes. With this in mind, I respect that your value system and point of view may be radically different than my own. If you can express your opinion without allowing your emotions or need to be right to over-ride the discussion, chances are we can have a rational and civil exchange and walk away appreciating one another. If you think your views on every topic should be universally accepted…guess what? You are a dic(k)tator. If the only way you can win an argument is to be a bully with name-calling or shouting? No need to say another word. A tip of my cap and may the rest of your life be a river that flows in your pre-determined path. No opposition. But…that sounds like a pretty sad life to me.

Good day friends. Peace.

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