Toothbrush Stache’

Sometimes when I’m cleaning up my face with the electric razor, I start shaving the area around my lower lip and move from the outside toward the middle. Then I move to my upper lip and move inward a little, then stop and move to the other side. The results in the mirror are the ‘Hitler Moustache’ or toothbrush mustache look. About an inch or inch and half worth of facial hair just underneath the nose. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a goofy look but I think more people would still sport it…if not for the extremely negative historical reference.


How can I say this? Look around. There are all sorts of facial hair expressions going on around the globe that many conservative people or the highly OCD probably look at and you can see them develop a visible facial tick. Examples are: the Amish beard, the handle bar moustache, the Santa beard, the goatee, the mutton-chop sideburns, the lady beard and many more.


After the Hitler moustache idea flits soundlessly across my brain, I re-commence shaving my upper lip until it is relatively clear of stubble.


So for anyone out there with a definitive facial hair style (yes, even you ladies), be cognizant of your actions. You may influence generations of people after you based on negative associations. Use this knowledge for good or evil. It’s your choice.

(World) Peace.

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