On the brink of madness

Good day and welcome to a post from my WordPress blog. For my dedicated readers I apologize for the dip, as in reduction, of the quantity of posts that appear here. Over the last two and a half months I have posted twenty blog items. During that time I have recorded 9 podcast shows with my friend Jeremy as the duo known as Sports Stalkers. In addition to those 9 shows, I have recorded 9 solo podcasts just as myself sitting in the car recapping my week of activities and a few opinion pieces – both using the Podbean app. On top of those, I have been double posting on Twitter for the Sports Stalkers podcast promotion and also my own personal account. Of course there is my Facebook account (personal) and the Facebook account for the Sports Stalkers show that I post on hither and dither.


With these forms of social media plus a full-time job and a personal life, my days and nights are quite full. Unfortunately, my blog I think has suffered. I did not mean to slight my readers who faithfully surfed in looking for new material and perspective but if I have slighted you, I apologize. Writing is my creative passion. Up through the end of November I was averaging 500 plus hits per month on ye ole blog of mine (sung to the tune of Sweet Child of Mine by of course, Guns ‘N’ Roses). The best case scenario would be for me to win the Powerball lottery and thus free up my time from ‘working’ to work on my passions that have bloomed in blogging and podcasting. But alas my cosmic gambling skills must not be too good because routinely I play but only match a stray number or two here and there. So until that avenue leads to fruition, I will continue to divert the flow of my thoughts into words – both verbal and virtual. Be patient and just like Shane Falco sitting on the turf after his teammate Danny crushes him in practice, we all need a minute to ‘work sh!t out’ (The Replacements).


Have a great Valentine’s Day and try not to OD on chocolate. So far today I’ve consumed four Hersey’s Kisses, a square of Ghiradelli caramel center chocolate and two chocolate covered devil’s food cake donuts. It’s too late for me but save yourselves!

For those of you wondering what is going on in the background while I write this, I have The Crow streaming on my phone from Netflix. The hock shop store keeper just tried to end Eric Draven with a hand gun shot to the chest…that didn’t go over too well the the deceased but returned specter. If you have never seen the movie, I highly recommend it. Not the sequels mind you but just the original with Brandon Lee…may he rest in peace. “Is that gasoline I smell?” (((((BOOM)))))


For Kristi – Happy Valentine’s Day my love. We’ll have a cheesy good time!


Peace and love.

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