Rusty Bumgardner Interview – Podbean — SportsStalkers

Good morning. Wait…it might be evening. Who can tell anymore?

Today was a day I had been dreading for about five days. Why is that do you ask? Am I afraid of Wednesday / Hump Day? Nope.

After I got up for my day job and completed eight hours of work, I fought through an hour of traffic to get home. I said a quick hello to my kitty Sadie and then spent a little time with Kristi, Ayden and Candy before Kristi had to figuratively burn the midnight oil as a working night nurse. So where and why did the trepidation enter into the picture?

Well I had set up a phone interview with a Facebook friend who used to play major (soft) ball and I was nervous. Actually the interview had been on my mind pretty much non-stop since last night. The thought of doing the interview made me apprehensive and unsure. Why was I feeling this way you ask? Was the subject of my interview a head-case? Belligerent? Prone to loud random outbursts? No – none of those things. Actually Rusty is very well spoken and down to earth. So what was my issue? Well, since Rusty was doing me a favor by granting me the time for an interview for the Sports Stalkers Podcast, I really did not want to screw the opportunity up. I had previously done a phone interview with Amy Battles – NPC bodybuilding competitor but she and I had a past together as classmates from the same middle and high schools. As a bulked up woman who could probably snap me in two, she is a far more an intimidating figure than the man who is almost twice her body weight. If you are throwing your hands up and shrugging at this point as a perplexed person as to why I was nervous…here goes.

This interview with Rusty Bumgardner was a pretty big deal for me. The podcast I do with Jeremy and Dustin for our entertainment and for the fans of our Sports Stalkers show is just for fun. But that is not to say it is a throw away for me in terms of time and effort. Just like slow pitch softball, I may not be the best, but I do like to put forth my best efforts and leave people with a positive impression of myself. So in that context, this interview is and was a big deal for me. Rusty, as an icon in the sport I love, agreed to set aside some time away from his family to talk about his career and experiences that softball allowed him to enjoy. If the interview/podcast would come off as good and interesting, it could open up other possibilities and could lead to other interviews that I have in the works. But a bad show/interview could shut down getting to pick the brains of some of the people I would like to interview and interact with for the podcast.

Just like playing softball, some things are out of our control but it’s nice to control the things we are supposed to control. If possible, I want to nail down those things like a boss. So if you get a chance, check out my podcast interview with Softball Hall Of Famer Rusty Bumgardner and let me know what you think. I will try to get better…I promise.


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