Tears For Fears

Good day! Hopefully you get over the hump in a pleasant way today. Can I get a camel in here?

OK that’s better.

For those of you looking for a deal (not Adele) on a spinal decompression table, check out this link below:

Decompression Table (Spinal)

Posting this item as my co-workers were singing its praises for effectiveness if you have back pain or spinal issues, in lieu of actually going to a medical professional. Just saying.

For those of you reading along at home or on the go, you may be asking: What do these things have to do with Tears For Fears; the band that formed in the early 1980’s and will be here (in St Louis) next month? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This morning I was spinning through some of their albums in anticipation of the concert that will happen in approximately three and a half weeks. With their songs in my right ear via ear bud, I poached the two other topics as a bystander to the conversations flying around me. Until this morning I had no clue there was such a thing as a decompression table. The concept sounded like something deep sea divers would need if they came up to the surface too quickly to avoid getting the ‘bends’ or air bubbles in the blood stream from the pressure changes experienced from deep water to the shallow surface waters. Although in the 1990’s I do recall seeing some sort of device on TV that had a metal frame where someone could hang upside down using special (gravity?) boots with ‘hooks’ on them. But I’m not sure if that had the same application as the spinal decompression table and right now I’m too lazy to Google it.

Back on topic, the first album I listened to this morning from Tears for Fears was from 2004: Everybody Loves A Happy Ending. Dirty connotation aside, a solid listen. From there I moved on to Elemental which technically is by Tears For Fears but in reality was just Roland Orzabal as this was during the time that he and Curt Smith were at odds personally and professionally. The song most people will recognize from this album/CD is Break It Down Again – mostly for the verse that has ‘Moses on a motorbike’. I hope Moses was wearing his helmet to set a good safety example for today’s youth. Still working backwards I have The Seeds Of Love ‘on deck’ to put it in baseball terms.  For those of you who do not know who Tears For Fears is or worse yet, do not like their music, I will let this piece fade out like a musical track…

As a responsible PSA, please eat the recommended portions of healthy foods and do a moderate amount of activity to knock out the exercise everyone (in theory) should do every day.

Rock out.


P.S. Allegedly Tears For Fears will be putting out a new studio album this year. Fingers crossed. Yeah I know I’m a dork. But DO NOT CARE.

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