Am I crazy?

I’m sure some of you reading the title immediately had an emphatic response jump to mind. This is because either you know me personally (which is to know some of my quirkiness) or because you have read some of my ponderings and therefore have already drawn your own conclusions.

Over the past two years I’ve gone on 6 or 7 different job interviews in person plus another 4 or 5 phone interviews. During the course of those Q&A sessions, I’ve used the phrase “if I would get hit by a bus tomorrow” probably more times than most people do in the course of their entire lives. The surrounding context is that I always document my work thoroughly; so that in the event “I get hit by a bus tomorrow” someone can follow my steps of work and know what the next action should be. Supporting internal and external clients, with a logical process and prudent business decisions, based on almost 25 years in and around the collections facets of business operations is my bread and butter. I am creative and confident in my actions with an eye on the desired end result(s). Not everything always goes to plan but I know what I’m doing and what I can expect of the possibilities. This is of course on the professional side of my life.

On the personal side, things are much more muddled. If I got hit by a bus tomorrow, the person cleaning up after me would find my podcast notes, 200 softball t-shirts, a bunch of softball equipment, a phone full of softball conversations, 9500 softball pictures, a set of Powerball lotto tickets up through next week, a skittish but lovable feline, a sleep deprived girlfriend and her very outgoing son. But what of my next steps on my personal path? Aside from a few softball schedules and going to work five days per week…there’s not much of a roadmap. That reminds me, I need to rollover my 401K from my last two jobs.

Does anyone ever get caught up on the perpetual list of things to do? Oil changes, dry cleaning pickup, dinner prep, grocery shopping, paying bills, attending friends’ events, cleaning the litter box, taking out the trash, calling mom, returning a friend’s text, personal grooming, yard maintenance, getting gas for the car, a million random chores and the list is ever expanding like a pop-up virus.

Populate these concerns and duties into your conscious brain and then minimize the sleep your body gets with an annoying bouncy song stuck in your head for days (and nights) … and you start to wonder about how to quantify your sanity.

In the event I do get hit by a bus and my ticket gets punched…I hope it’s the day after softball and I’ve remembered to pay my life insurance premiums.

Happy Monday to each and every person with eyelashes reading this.


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