Topical or not topical

Good day greetings with a wave of webbed fingers as we here in Missouri are adapting and evolving with the existing weather pattern.

As I set out on writing each post I try to mentally categorize the piece as topical or non-topical. When writing about an exotic vegetable or fruit eating experience, that is non-topical because that can be read 365 days per year and it could be relevant information if they (the reader) are considering eating those items. If I am talking about the week’s weather, a winning streak in baseball, the Powerball numbers or the hockey playoffs, those topics tend to skew towards topical in flavor. Because depending on the time of the year, those happenings or circumstances may not overlay onto the reader’s seasonal experience.

If I write about today’s cold and dreary weather here in (Barnhart) on May the 4th (May The Fourth Be With You…for the Star Wars geeks) and my reader comes across the piece in July or August, the reading experience may not keep them engaged until the end. Don’t get me wrong, I do kind of like to timeline my posts here and there so if I go back and read them I can mentally be like, oh yeah I vaguely recall that timeframe. But for every two or three of those I like to construct a piece with some legs that can be read and make my reader see a well thought out point or maybe just something funny and fluffy to brighten their day.

Today I would like to debut an original song, let’s call it The Weather Song as it is just a working title.

Mother Nature, why are you crying your angry tears?
Seems like this happens on the odd numbered years
Traffic’s a bitch and the ground’s all muddy
At least the rain is clear and not all bloody
(3 minute guitar solo)
The grass and trees are getting so very green
Only the rooftop of Queen of Hearts can be seen
So clear your skies and schedule an Uber
Maybe we all wont get tuber…culosis
(2.5 minute xylophone solo)
Your wrath is epic and your wind so blowy
Let’s unclog and get them rivers all flowy
Rain, rain, rain, rain rain, rain, rain
Just go the Hell away, far away, stupid rain!
(1 minute of un-rhythmic humming)
<<<END SONG>>>

Thank you, thank you. It should be up on iTunes sometime this century.

Have a stimulated and amused day my friends.


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