Friday the 12th!!!!

Doesn’t quite stab you in the heart with anticipation like the Jason Voorhees movie franchise titles does it?

Now if everyone in the continental United States would send a one-time payment of two dollars to my Paypal account, I could pay off my car, my credit cards, take a vacation, buy a house, furnish it, and dedicate it to becoming a full blown cat lady. But until that occurs I shall quietly go about my business of working by day and softballing by night and weekend. For those of you concerned about my exterior flaking away…be not alarmed; it’s just my sunburn from last weekend taking its normal course. This weekend I shall be more vigilant with the sunscreen and hopefully return to my usual pasty skin appearance.

OK quick question, can you name at least one song by the band Train that features David Hasselhoff in the video? Please write your answer down on a scrap of paper and leave it under my car windshield wiper…or if you are not in the vicinity of my transportation, you can just email, text or IM me with your answer.

While we are on the subject of random things with no real logical stream, did you know the the Fox teen drama The O.C. has been off the air for ten years now? 10! Wow! Perhaps they can do a reunion show since Rachel Bilson’s show (Heart of Dixie) got canned two years ago this month. I know Benjamin McKenzie still is leading the show Gotham as a ‘young James Gordon’ at 38 years old.

Hold the phone. The O.C. went off the air in 2007 and Ryan Atwood was supposedly a high school senior…played by the then 28 year old McKenzie. His on-screen co-star Mischa Barton was closer to her character’s supposed age (17 or 18) as she was 21 then (31 now). His pseudo-brother Seth (Adam Brody) was paddling in that same older, playing much younger, boat at 27 then (37 now) and his love interest Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson from above) was floating in the middle at 25 then (35 now). Just for giggles I’m playing the song California by the band Phantom Planet that was the show’s opening theme for the four seasons the show ran. Was their main hang out the Peach Pit or the Bait Shop? Google says…the Bait Shop. Apparently the Peach Pit was another teen angst show called 90210. In a fight between Dylan McKay and Ryan Atwood who wins? My money is on Ryan Atwood even though Luke Perry, who portrayed Dylan, also had a background in the animated series Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm where he voiced fan favorite Sub-zero. FINISH HIM!!! Ah the things we never knew. Somewhere John Ratzenberger’s alter ego Cliff Clavin is churning his memory banks for some obscure bit of trivia.

Hopefully you are having a decent time this week and not harboring a zombie-spawning super virus in your body’s immune system. But if you are and like sports, text me and we can do a phone interview before you enter the ‘change’. Better safe than sorry, yes?

Happy Friday!


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