Monday do-over needed…but why would you?

At this point I just feel like posting a few dozen memes and then another 40-50 links to cat videos.

I didn’t really want to get up and adult today to begin with after a long weekend of softball (where I honestly kind of sucked) and Monday has kicked me square in the taint a few times already with very pointy shoes from an awkward angle.

Quick without consulting Google: What gets a mustard stain out of a shirt? Anyone?

At V’Stock the other day they had a tray or mood rings. I bet if I would have purchased one and been wearing it today, the color would surface as simmering annoyance. So for the rest of the day I’m just going to sit here, chew my gum, put on a big fake a$$ smile and count down the minutes until midnight like it’s New Year’s Eve because I am so ready for this day to be O-V-E-R and have been since before 9 am this morning.


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