Have a drink on me

Have you ever ticked someone off enough to have them throw a drink or food on you?

For me that breaks down into two separate questions. Have I ticked someone (or multiple someones) off enough to throw a meal or a beverage at me? Yes…quite a few times now that I think about it. Has anyone ever actually splashed me with their drink in rage or disgust? No. I’ve had people spill food and drinks on me (once a malt from Crown Candy – what a waste!) but to my knowledge they were not upset with me at those times.

Strange inquiry on my part? Perhaps. I was just listening/watching Pink’s video for Blow Me (One Last Kiss) and she doused a dude with some red drink (wine perhaps?) and it made me think back to the many sitcoms and dramas where a dude enraged a female and she decided he should wear her drink.

In this society of female-male equality it doesn’t seem to go the other way. Guys typically do not get pissed at their date/girlfriend/fiance/spouse and zing a drink in their faces. Now maybe in some non-heterosexual relationships that may not be the case but again the guy is the one wearing something made for sipping or slurping.

Now I’m wondering if a guy has ever had a Slurpee dumped on him and if so, did he experience a ‘brain freeze’ like when you eat ice cream too fast? Yes I sometimes think along a different path than most and often times at the end of that trail I am thinking: How did this train of thought start again?

Hopefully your Hump Day does not involve camel spit (or urine or feces) and a splendid sunset awaits you.



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