Friday the 26th!

So today has been like two Friday the 13th’s minus the appearance of a large, hulking figure dressed in rags wearing a classic style hockey mask wielding a machete…but the day isn’t over yet.

Anywhozit, I hope your Friday has been more pleasant than a proctological exam performed by an agitated man with over-sized hands who can only calm down by singing songs from the Lion King soundtrack, starting with Can You Feel The Love Tonight.

For the American audience, most of you are probably on the threshold of a three day weekend in white collar job circles or looking to sling some beers in other vocations. For the rest of the world who does not celebrate Memorial Day, there are some other holidays being celebrated. In Turkmenistan, on Sunday the 28th they will observe Carpet Day. On that day China celebrates Dragon Boat Festival holiday which could be interesting. Over the next several days Poland, France, Sweden, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Nicaragua will celebrate Mother’s Day. With this multi-cultural look around the globe, there are some other holidays and celebrations to be noted and perhaps adopted.

If you live in a home that contains some species of bird held in a cage, make sure to feed them. Otherwise, you will just have a bird carcass in a cage. Just saying.

With no more advice or insights to pass along today, I bid you fond farewell for just awhile.


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