By definition a preposition is: a word governing, and usually preceding, a noun or pronoun and expressing a relation to another word or element in the clause – (noun).

The word preposterous which begins with the same six letters is defined as: contrary to reason or common sense; utterly absurd or ridiculous – (adjective).

For some reason these two words have been going round and round in my head for the last few days. In order to try to exorcise the demons of them, I thought maybe I could placate the mind Gods and get them to leave me alone if I wrote about them. Let’s test the hypothesis.

While growing up and learning in school about prepositions at Grandview, I was taught to associate prepositions with a barn (go figure). The cat was in the barn. The cat was on the barn. The cat sat by the barn. These three examples, as the definition indicates, associate the cat with a proximity or vague relationship with said barn. There are more prepositions: about, at, as before, below, of, near, from, onto, into, and so on and so forth.

So where does the trailer get hitched to the preposterous vehicle? Good question. It probably stems from when I think of certain people and the way they talk one way but then their actions tell a completely different story.

For the most part I am a quiet, go-with-the-flow kind of guy. I tend to let most things roll off; whether they be (real or perceived) slights or incorrect grammar or what have you. However, my mild mannered countenance can quickly be reduced to ash like a row of wigs on Styrofoam heads in the face of a flamethrower. With nearly 4.5 decades of experiences under my belt, I can usually shrug off most people’s malarkey and not let it escalate into a big deal. After all, so many things on daily basis are just piddling into the wind. However, do not do your piddling down my back and try to pass it off as foul smelling, warm rain. I may be foolish quite a bit, but don’t take me for a fool. Being a true friend does not mean always blindly taking someone’s side but to be honest and supportive even when they are wrong or you don’t see eye to eye. True friends will stand up for and standby by their friends but they can also be like ‘dude you are way off base’ or ‘I know this will make you mad but you are wrong and here is why’.

Most people don’t understand how toilet paper weak some ‘friendships’ are. If you don’t believe me, tell someone who you think is your friend that they are wrong about something, even something trivial and see how their demeanor changes. Everyone is so caught up in not upsetting people, even if they are wrong or at fault, that they have no real worth as a friend by acting that way. That may sound harsh but it’s true. Everyone wants to be loved but no one wants the real truth. It’s like the old saying: Everyone wants to go to Heaven…but no one wants to die. I would rather live in a small circle of people who will be honest and true then be thronged by countless people who don’t really know a thing about me or care what I really think because it may conflict with what they think.

This probably sounds a lot like babbling at this point but read between the lines and maybe you can see my point. Perhaps you disagree and that’s fine too. If all the human raced did since the beginning of time was agree with one another, think of all the theories that would’ve died that were in truth – the truth. That world as I recall was flat…

I hope my introduction with prepositions did not turn out to be too preposterous a segway into the deeper philosophical discussion I tried to launch thereafter.

May your Tuesday be significant and filled with un-ominous potential.


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