Pre-Fourth of July (Monday)— Silly and Goofy Stuff

So you may be asking yourself: “Self, is semordnilap a real word?”
And then you think to yourself, where did this thought pop in from? Obviously you were thinking of palindromes and from there branched off into words spelled backward that are themselves words but not the same word as the first word spelled forwards. For instance, bats spelled backwards is stab. It is not a palindrome because it makes a different word, whereas madam spelled backwards is the same and is a valid palindrome. So the unofficial word for the new word backwards is semordnilap or the word palindromes backwards. Clever huh? Perhaps.

Now, is the word semordnilap legit? Kinda. Is it recognized by the powers that be that physically print and publish hardcopy dictionaries? No…but on-line from the Google machine it is commonly accepted. Now, here is my list of top ten favorite palindromes: boob, stats, noon, toot, mom, level, sees, poop, pip, kook and murdrum! What? That was 11? Well then the last one was free! No Charge!

With the year more than half over with, let’s take a moment of silence (hears fireworks in the distance)…I said let’s take a moment of silence (more fireworks explosions or perhaps guns shots?)…let’s just take a moment to appreciate our families and loved ones, near and beyond far, and what they mean to us.

.    .    .    .   .

Thank you. Have a safe and wonderful day/week to celebrate the good things about our lives.


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