Last night on my podcast for Sports Stalkers on the Podbean app, my co-host Jeremy incorrectly used the term apathetic when speaking about a teammate. What he meant to say was the opposite of apathetic to characterized this guy on his team. Rich Jones is a very nice guy and a heckuva good teammate.

Today I used the word truss with my girlfriend Kristi. She has been experiencing back pain and I meant to convey an apparatus to more or less girdle her and strengthen her back…but I think it came across more like the noun instead of the verb. If she went with the literal sense, I could see her mentally picturing physical outside supports around her, kind of like a vertical mine shaft.

In reviewing last night’s podcast, I was very quick to make fun of Jeremy (on Facebook) for using a word he really did not understand or obviously use all that much in his life. Now, I am here to give myself a pardon for a similar situation. In this instance, my word usage was sort of like the double play in baseball where the second baseman doesn’t actually step on the second base bag before throwing the ball to first for the out but the runner going to second is called out on the ‘in the area play’. For the record, this lazy interpretation will probably never happen again in real baseball with the implementation of instant replay, which I for one applaud. If you don’t touch the base with your foot, then there is no out!

Bottom line, sorry Jeremy you are still on the hook and I get a pass. If you do not like it…start your own blog!

Happy Monday y’all!


<<August 7, 2017>>

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